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About the association


Chairman Masazumi Tsumura Photo

This association was established in July 62 for the purpose of promoting culture in Ota Ward.Since April 22, it has been the Ota Ward Cultural Promotion Association to this day.
We manage and operate cultural and artistic facilities such as Ota Citizen's Plaza, Ota Citizen's Hall Aplico, and Ota Bunkanomori as designated managers, support the voluntary activities of the inhabitants, and provide high-quality viewing opportunities. I am.We are also actively developing independent businesses in various fields such as music, theater, and art.In our voluntary business, we are not limited to performances and exhibitions in the facility, but we are also actively promoting efforts to go out, such as setting the stage in the area and implementing a delivery-type business.Furthermore, we are striving to promote cultural arts through "co-creation" and cooperation with local human resources and organizations such as the ward.Under the spread of the new coronavirus infection, which was a headwind for culture and art, we also worked to develop new business implementation methods such as promoting online transmission.
In the management and operation of memorial halls such as Ryuko Memorial Hall, Kumagai Tsuneko Memorial Hall, Ozaki Shiro Memorial Hall, and Sanno Kusado Memorial Hall, we will further deepen our research on each painter, calligrapher, novelist, and critic, as well as work. In addition to exhibitions, we are promoting efforts to widely disseminate the achievements inside and outside the ward by holding workshops, disseminating works online, and lending works to other museums.

As a public interest incorporated foundation, our association will continue to take the initiative in promoting various cultural and artistic projects, and will contribute to the development of a town where residents can experience the richness of their daily lives.We would like to ask the residents of the ward for their further understanding, support and cooperation.

Ota City Cultural Promotion Association
Chairman Masazumi Tsumura

Facilities of our association

Our association manages the following XNUMX facilities as a designated manager or management trustee from Ota City.

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Squeeze Kanade Hibiku

In July 29, the association celebrated its 7th anniversary.During this time, we have endeavored to promote culture and art in Ota City, and have contributed to regional revitalization and attractive town development.What the association wants above all is to expand the circle of solidarity and cooperation among the inhabitants of the ward through culture and to contribute to the "richness" of the people.

On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of our founding, we expressed this philosophy with a symbol mark and a catch phrase.We have renewed our determination to contribute to society by unifying the vectors of everyone involved in the activities of the association, further strengthening the association's efforts toward the future.

We will create businesses so that people can dream about the future through cultural arts, fulfill their hopes, and continue to resonate with the hearts of many people so that the association will become the "key" to organize the "fan". I will.

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Ota City Cultural Promotion Association
Draw dreams for the future through cultural arts, play hope,
We will endeavor to continue to resonate with the hearts of many inhabitants.