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Received the "29 Regional Creation Award (Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award)" at Ota Citizen's Plaza

This time, the Ota Ward Citizen's Plaza, which is managed and operated by the Ota Ward Cultural Promotion Association, received the "29 Regional Creation Award (Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award)".

The Regional Creation Award recognizes public cultural facilities that have been particularly successful in creating an environment for creative and cultural expression activities in the region, and public culture by widely introducing them nationwide. This award has been held since XNUMX on the occasion of the XNUMXth anniversary of the foundation, with the aim of further revitalizing the facility and contributing to the promotion of creating a beautiful and enriched hometown.Out of a large number of applications from all over the country every year, XNUMX facilities were commended this year.

We are grateful to everyone who has supported our business activities and to everyone who uses it on a regular basis.Taking the opportunity of receiving the award, we will strive to foster new bonds while further utilizing local cultural resources.We look forward to your continued support and cooperation.

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XNUMX award-winning facility

  • Kitakami City Cultural Exchange Center Sakura Hall (Kitakami City, Iwate Prefecture)
  • Naka Nitta Bach Hall (Kami Town, Miyagi Prefecture)
  • Oizumi Town Cultural Village (Oizumi Town, Gunma Prefecture)
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum (Tokyo)
  • Ota Citizen's Plaza (Ota Ward, Tokyo)
  • Yao City Cultural Hall (Prism Hall) (Yao City, Osaka Prefecture)
  • Itami Municipal Music Hall (Itami Aiphonic Hall) (Itami City, Hyogo Prefecture)

Award Ceremony Photo
January 2018, 1 Award Ceremony at Grand Arc Hanzomon

Ota Ward Plaza Evaluation Comment ◎ Supporting "cultivation of new bonds" by culture

A complex facility in front of the station for residents.Rakugo, jazz, and movie regular viewing events are held as facilities that are familiar to the inhabitants of the city despite being in a metropolitan area.In addition, in collaboration with a local theater company, we launched "Shimomaruko Theater Project", which is familiar with theater such as performances and workshops.The community worked together to work on the theatrical version of the haunted house and movie production, and supported the development of new bonds through culture.

Operated by: Ota Ward Cultural Promotion Association Opened: 1987

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