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About the association

Request to the hall organizers

In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we ask the organizer to understand and cooperate with the following items when using the facility.
In addition, when using the facility, please refer to the guidelines created by each industry group and ask for your understanding and cooperation in preventing the spread of new coronavirus infection.

List of guidelines for preventing the spread of infection by industry (Cabinet Secretariat website)other window

Pre-adjustment / meeting

  • The organizer will have a meeting with the facility regarding efforts to prevent the spread of infection at the time of application for use at the facility or at the time of prior meetings.
  • In conducting the event, we will take measures to prevent the spread of infection in accordance with the guidelines for each industry, and coordinate the division of roles between the organizer and the facility.
  • Please set a generous schedule for preparation, rehearsal, and removal.
  • Please set the break time and entrance / exit time with plenty of time.
  • When holding an event that is not subject to the formulation of the "Infection Control and Safety Plan", create and publish the "Checklist at the time of holding the event" set by the Tokyo Metropolitan Emergency Measures and Infection Control Cooperation Fund Consultation Center. Please.For inquiries, please call TEL: 03-5388-0567.

Checklist at the time of the event (Excel data)PDF

About the allocation of audience seats (accommodation rate of facilities)

  • As a general rule, seats should be reserved for participants so that the organizer can manage and adjust the seating situation.
  • Please take comprehensive measures to prevent infection, such as wearing a mask, disseminating the suppression of vocalization, and taking individual precautions by the organizer.
  • For performances that are expected to be attended by a large number of elderly people and people with chronic illnesses, there is a high risk of aggravation in the event of infection, so please consider taking more careful measures.

* Handling of front row seats: Please refer to the industry guidelines and secure a sufficient distance from the front of the stage.Please contact the facility for details.

Infection prevention measures for related parties such as performers

  • The organizer and related parties are requested to make efforts to prevent infection as much as possible, such as by taking sufficient intervals between the performers according to the form of expression.See industry guidelines for more information.
  • Except for the performers, please wear a mask and disinfect your hands thoroughly in the facility.
  • In places where an unspecified number of people can easily touch, such as dressing rooms and waiting rooms, install a disinfectant solution for hand sanitizer and disinfect regularly.
  • As for eating and drinking in the hall, it is okay to have lunch etc. for a short time after enforcing silent eating and ensuring ventilation (you cannot eat or drink in the hall seats).
  • Select a person who handles equipment, equipment, tools, etc., and limit sharing by unspecified persons.
  • In addition, please take sufficient infection prevention measures in practice / practice, preparation / removal, etc.
  • If you suspect an infection, report it to the facility immediately and quarantine it at the designated first aid station.

Infection prevention measures for participants

  • Participants are requested to measure the temperature before coming to the venue, and please be fully informed in advance of cases where they will be asked to refrain from coming to the venue.At that time, please take measures to ensure that the participants do not suffer any disadvantages and prevent the admission of symptomatic persons.
  • In addition to the self-measurement of the temperature on the part of the participants, the organizer should also take measures such as temperature measurement when entering the venue.The organizer is requested to prepare temperature measuring equipment (non-contact thermometer, thermography, etc.).If it is difficult to prepare, please contact the facility.
  • When there is a high fever compared to normal heatIf you have any of the following symptoms (*) or the following symptoms, please take measures such as waiting at home.
    • Symptoms such as cough, dyspnea, general malaise, sore throat, runny nose / nasal congestion, taste / smell disorders, joint / muscle pain, diarrhea, vomiting, etc.
    • When there is close contact with a positive PCR test
    • Immigration restrictions, visit history to countries / regions that require an observation period after entry, and close contact with the resident, etc.
      * Example of the standard of "when there is a higher heat than normal heat" ... When there is a heat of 37.5 ° C or higher
  • In order to avoid crowding when entering and exiting, please maintain a sufficient distance by entering and exiting with a time lag, securing conductors, allocating personnel, etc.
  • The buffet will be closed for the time being.
  • Please set a sufficient exit time in advance and instruct the exit with a time lag for each area of ​​the venue.
  • Please refrain from waiting or visiting after the performance.
  • Please try to grasp the names and emergency contact information of the participants by utilizing the ticket system.In addition, please inform participants in advance that such information can be provided to public institutions such as public health centers as necessary, such as when an infected person occurs from a participant.
  • Please actively utilize the contact confirmation application (COCOA) of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
  • For participants who need consideration, persons with disabilities, the elderly, etc., please consider countermeasures in advance.
  • Please also call attention to the prevention of infection before and after the performance, such as the decentralized use of transportation and restaurants.

Preventive measures against the spread of infection

  • Please actively utilize the contact confirmation application (COCOA) of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
  • The organizer should promptly contact the facility if any person is suspected of being infected and discuss the response.
  • As a general rule, the organizer should keep track of the names and emergency contact information of the people involved in the event and participants, and keep the created list for a certain period of time (approximately one month).In addition, please inform the people involved in the event and participants in advance that such information can be provided to public institutions such as public health centers as needed.
  • From the viewpoint of protecting personal information, please take sufficient measures to store the list, etc., and dispose of it properly after the period has passed.
  • Please be careful when handling the information of infected persons (including cohabitants, etc.) that has occurred, as it will be sensitive personal information.
  • Please set the criteria for public announcement and performance when an infected person occurs.

Infection prevention measures in the hall

Contact infection prevention measures

  • The organizer should install hand sanitizer at the necessary places such as the entrance and exit of the venue and check it regularly so that there is no shortage.
  • The organizer should regularly disinfect the venue in a place that is easily accessible to the general public.The organizer is responsible for preparing the disinfectant solution.
  • In order to prevent contact infection, please consider simplifying the ticketing at the time of admission.
  • Please avoid handing out leaflets, pamphlets, questionnaires, etc. as much as possible.Also, if it is unavoidable, be sure to wear gloves.
  • Please refrain from contact between the people involved in the performance and the participants, such as visits after the performance.
  • Please refrain from presents and gifts.
  • Select a person who handles equipment, equipment, tools, etc., and limit sharing by unspecified persons.
  • Please limit the accessible areas of participants, related parties, etc. (restrict participants from entering the dressing room area, etc.).

Measures to prevent droplet infection

  • As a general rule, participants should be sure to wear masks even during the event.
  • Please take measures to prevent congestion during breaks and entrance / exit.
  • If there are participants who make a loud voice, the organizer should pay attention individually.

Infection prevention measures between related parties (especially performers) ⇔ participants

  • Please refrain from directing that increases the risk of infection (requesting cheers, raising participants to the stage, giving high fives, etc.).
  • Please allow sufficient space and wear masks when guiding and guiding participants.
  • At the counters that come into contact with the participants (invitation reception, same-day ticket counters), etc., please shield the participants by installing partitions such as acrylic boards and transparent vinyl curtains.

Infection prevention measures between participants ⇔ participants

  • It is mandatory to wear a mask in the audience seats, and please be sure to wear it thoroughly by distributing and selling it to non-wearing participants and paying attention individually.
  • Please allow enough time for breaks and entrance / exit times, taking into consideration the capacity and capacity of the venue, entrance / exit routes, etc.
  • Please inform them that they should refrain from talking during breaks and when entering and exiting, and encourage them to refrain from face-to-face conversations and stays at short distances in the lobby.
  • If a large number of participants are expected, please use a time lag for each ticket type and zone when moving from the audience seats during breaks or when leaving to prevent stagnation.
  • In the restrooms during breaks, please encourage the arrangement with sufficient space in consideration of the size of the lobby.


Food and drink

  • As for eating and drinking in the hall, it is okay to have lunch etc. for a short time after enforcing silent eating and ensuring ventilation (you cannot eat or drink in the hall seats).
  • Please finish your meal before and after admission as much as possible.
  • Due to the long-term use of the facility, it is possible to eat in the room, but please be aware of the following points.
    • Ensure ventilation.
    • Sit in a non-face-to-face manner.
    • Allow sufficient space between users.
    • Avoid sharing chopsticks and plates between users.
    • Refrain from talking during meals.
    • Wear a mask whenever possible.

Goods sales, etc.

  • When it is crowded, please restrict admission and arrangement as necessary.
  • Please install a disinfectant when selling goods.
  • Staff involved in the sale of goods should wear gloves as necessary in addition to wearing masks.
  • When selling goods, please do not handle the display of sample products or sample products that many people will touch.
  • Consider selling online or making cashless payments to reduce cash handling as much as possible.

Cleaning / disposal of garbage

  • Make sure to wear masks and gloves for staff who clean and dispose of garbage.
  • After finishing the work, wash and disinfect your hands.
  • Please manage the collected garbage thoroughly so that the participants do not come into direct contact with it.
  • Please take the generated garbage home with you. (Paid processing is possible at the facility).