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About the association

About business policy

Basic Policy

Our association will devote ourselves to connecting people, emotions, traditions, skills, and creativity to the cultural activities of the inhabitants of the ward, leading to community development.We aim to become an attractive, vibrant, and rewarding city through the cultural promotion of the Ota Ward Democratic Body.

Connecting the cultural activities of the inhabitants
People, emotions, traditions, techniques, creativity and community development

XNUMX missions for cultural promotion

Our association's mission is to "promote culture, enhance the value of people's existence, enrich their lives, strengthen their ties with individual society, promote exchanges, and revitalize and make the region more attractive." We will work on cultural promotion as listed in.

Fostering the richness of life created by cultural diversity

Being exposed to various cultures creates a lot of excitement and fosters diverse creativity.People can freely choose from a variety of cultures, which leads to the creation of a prosperous life.

Activity of the function of culture and art that connects people and society

Being exposed to and working with culture is an opportunity to create a connection between people and society.It is also possible to lead people who have weak ties to society due to various factors.It strengthens ties with society and leads to a lively life.

Promotion of sustainable development of regional power through the power of culture and art

By appreciating and participating in diverse cultural arts, the creativity of the inhabitants of the ward will increase.In addition, participating in cultural activities not only deepens mutual exchanges between residents, but also creates new cultural communities one after another.The interconnection of these communities will lead to the formation of cultural commons.It also leads to regional revitalization and sustainable development.

Ota Ward Cultural Promotion Association Medium-term Business Plan

Medium-term business plan (XNUMXst year of Reiwa to XNUMXth year of Reiwa)PDF

Outline of medium-term business planPDF

Medium-term business plan evaluation report PDF

Business policy