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Performance information

30th Anniversary of the Association's founding movie "I got the big stage!"

30th Anniversary of the Association's founding movie "I got the big stage!" Poster

The movie "I got the big stage!" Is a 30-minute movie that the Ota Ward Cultural Promotion Association worked on to commemorate the XNUMXth anniversary of its founding.
The leading actress was selected by an audition through open recruitment.
Many inhabitants of the ward appear as extras, and most of them are shot in Ota Ward.
Screening is a new type of movie that anyone can watch for free through theaters and the internet.
The director is Daisuke Miki, who has won the Grand Prix at numerous film festivals such as TAMA NEW WAVE and produces more than 100 online commercials annually.
Set in a public cultural facility, it's an exciting comedy with laughter and tears that runs through to the end of the shock! !!


"Stealing the stage! You are the leading actress!"

Hana Niwano, who works part-time at a croquette shop aiming to become an actress, is approached one day by a dubious grandfather, Kusaburo, who has no life expectancy.
Saburo Kusaburo, who wants to fulfill his dream of directing a theater stage with his late wife, tries to take over this stage by looking at the leaflet of the "30th Anniversary Theater Event" that he saw at a nearby cultural facility. I thought about it.
The title of the stage is "Miracle Man". It is a famous work based on the true story of Helen Keller, who overcame the heavy handicap of "invisible," "inaudible," and "inaudible," and Professor Sullivan, the "miracle worker" who gave her light.
Hana, who has just lost the audition, and Himeko, a part-time worker, decide to bet on this strange encounter.
In this way, a big special training by the grandfather started to become a stage actress ...
Is it possible to drown the stage?What is the grandfather's stage takeover plan that cost his life? ??

Cast introduction

Hana Niwano A girl who dreams of being an actress.He is talented, but when he is nervous, he sneezes.

Tobata Shin's photo
Tobata Kokoro

Born in Nagasaki Prefecture in 2000.As an actress, she is active in TV, movies and commercials. Three movies will be released in 2017.Major appearances include CX "Exciting TV Sukatto Japan", advertisements "Kirin", "SONY", "Ginza Color", etc.

Himeko Yukitani A senior at Hana's part-time job.I have been aiming to be an actress for many years.

Eri Fuse Photo

Born in Ota Ward.An actress belonging to Production Jinrikisha.Appearances include the movies "Instant Swamp" (2005), "Turtles Are Surprisingly Fast" (2005), "Insects Not Listed in the Picture Book" (2007), "Achilles and the Turtles" (2008), and "Nekonin" (2017). ) And many more.

Saburo Ota (commonly known as grandfather)
He used to be in the theater world.Determined to stage thief to fulfill his dream with his late wife

Moro Morooka Photo
Moro Morooka

Held as a life work a salaryman rakugo that replaced the one-man conte and classical rakugo with modern times.Representative works: Movies "Kids Return", "My Man", "Mt. Tsurugidake", TV "Sansu Detective Zero", "Naoki Hanzawa", etc.

Tamatsutsumi A suspicious director who is neither female nor sloppy with money.

Duncan Photo

After working as a rakugoka in the Tachikawa style, joined the Takeshi army.In addition to being a talent and actor, he is the scriptwriter for the movie "I don't live" and the director and screenwriter for the movie "Shichinin no Tomura". He wrote a novel in 2012.He is the author of "Pavlov's Man".

Director: Daisuke Miki

CEO of Movie Impact Co., Ltd.The movie works such as "Cyclopes Tears", "Mine", and "Yokogawa Suspense" have been released in theaters.He produces images that are not bound by genre, such as movie directors, TV program directors, and commercial directors.

The movie "I got the big stage!" Is now available on YouTube!

Access YouTube from your smartphone, tablet, or other device!
Of course you can enjoy it for free.

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