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Performance information

Association-sponsored performance

TOKYO OTA OPERA PROJECT 2021 Opera Gala Concert: Again (with Japanese subtitles) Meet the gem of an opera chorus ~

With the young opera conductor, Makoto Shibata, who is currently in the spotlight, Japan's leading opera singers, orchestras, and ward chorus members gathered through open recruitment will deliver a number of gorgeous and gorgeous opera masterpieces.
This performance will be recorded and distributed live.For details, see the remarks column at the bottom of the page.

◆ TOKYO OTA OPERA PROJECT2021 Meet the gem of the opera chorus-Opera Gala Concert: Again (with Japanese subtitles) Notice of change of performers

Due to various circumstances, the performers will be changed as follows.

(Before change) Tetsuya Mochizuki (tenor)
(After change) Hironori Shiro (tenor)

There will be no change in the song, and tickets will not be refunded due to the change in performers.Thank you for your understanding.

Click here for the profile of the performersPDF

* This performance does not have one seat available in the front, back, left and right, but the front row and some seats will not be sold to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.
* If there is a change in the event holding requirements at the request of Tokyo and Ota Ward, we will change the start time, suspend sales, set the upper limit of the number of visitors, etc.
* Please check the latest information on this page before visiting.

Efforts regarding new coronavirus infection (please check before visiting)

2021 years 8 month 29 (day)

Schedule 15:00 start (14:00 start)
Venue Ota Ward Hall / Aplico Large Hall
Genre Performance (classical)
Performance / song

G. Rossini Opera "The Barber of Seville" Overture
From G. Rossini's opera "The Barber of Seville" "I am a shop for anything in the city" <Onuma>
From G. Rossini's opera "The Barber of Seville" "That's me" <Yamashita / Onuma>
From G. Rossini's opera "Tank Lady" "To this throbbing" <Muramatsu>

G. Verdi Opera "Tsubakihime" "Cheers Song" <All Soloists / Chorus>
G. Verdi Opera "Rigoletto" "Song of the Woman's Heart" <Mochizuki>
From G. Verdi's opera "Rigoletto" "Beautiful Love Maiden (Quartet)" <Sawahata, Yamashita, Mochizuki, Onuma>
From G. Verdi's opera "Nabucco" "Go, my thoughts, ride on the golden wings" <Chorus>

G. Bizee Opera "Carmen" Overture
"Habanera" from G. Bizee opera "Carmen" <Yamashita / Chorus>
From G. Bizee's opera "Carmen" "A letter from my mother (duet of letters)" <Sawahata / Mochizuki>
G. Bizee Opera "Carmen" "Song of the Fighter" <Onuma, Yamashita, Chorus>

From F. Rehar operetta "Merry Widow" "Villia's Song" <Sawahata Chorus>

"Opening Chorus" <Chorus> from J. Strauss II Opera "Die Fledermaus"
From J. Strauss II operator "Die Fledermaus" "I like to invite customers" <Muramatsu>
From J. Strauss II operetta "Die Fledermaus" "In the burning flow of wine (champagne song)" <All soloists, chorus>

* The program and performance order are subject to change without notice.Please note.



Maika Shibata


Emi Sawahata (soprano)
Yuga Yamashita (Mezzo-soprano)
Toshiyuki Muramatsu (Countertenor)
Tetsuya Mochizuki (tenor)Hironori Shiro (tenor)
Toru Onuma (baritone)




Tokyo Universal Philharmonic Orchestra

Ticket information

Ticket information

Release date: April 2021, 6 (Wednesday) 16: 10-

Buy online ticketsother window

Price (tax included)

All seats specified
4,000 Yen

※ preschooler admission not


Childcare service available (for children aged 0 to under elementary school)

* Reservation required
* A fee of 2,000 yen will be charged for each child.

Mothers (10: 00-12: 00, 13: 00-17: 00 excluding Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays)
TEL: 0120-788-222

Live recording distribution available (charged)

Viewing ticket 1,500 yen
Delivered by eplus and curtain call

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Performers / work details

Performer image
Maika Shibata Ⓒ ai ueda
Performer image
Emi Sawahata
Performer image
Yuga Oshita
Performer image
Toshiyuki Muramatsu
Performer image
Tetsuya Nozomi
Performer image
Toru Onuma Ⓒ Satoshi Takae
Performer image
Tokyo Universal Philharmonic Orchestra

Maika Shibata (conductor)

Born in Tokyo in 1978.After graduating from the vocal music department of Kunitachi College of Music, he studied at the Fujiwara Opera and the Tokyo Chamber Opera as a chorus conductor and assistant conductor. In 2003, while studying at theaters and orchestras in Europe and Germany, he obtained a diploma at the University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna Master Course in 2004. In 2005, he passed the assistant conductor audition of the Gran Teatre del Liceu in Barcelona, ​​and has been involved in various performances as an assistant to Weigle and Ross Malva. In 2010, he returned to Europe and studied mainly in Italian theaters.After returning to Japan, he mainly works as an opera conductor.Recently, he performed with Massenet "La Navarraise" (premiered in Japan) in 2018, Puccini "La Boheme" in 2019, and Verdi "Rigoletto" in 2020 with the Fujiwara Opera. In November 2020, he also conducted "Lucia-or the tragedy of a bride-" at the Nissay Theater, which was well received.In recent years, he has also focused on orchestra and has performed with Yomiuri, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra, Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, Kanagawa Philharmonic Orchestra, Nagoya Philharmonic Orchestra, Japan Century Symphony Orchestra, Daikyo, Gunkyo, Hirokyo, etc.Conducted under Naohiro Totsuka, Yutaka Hoshide, Tiro Lehmann, and Salvador Mas Conde. Received the 11 Goshima Memorial Cultural Foundation Opera New Face Award (conductor).

Emi Sawahata (soprano)

Graduated from Kunitachi College of Music.After graduating from the same university, completed the Opera Training Institute of the Agency for Cultural Affairs.First place in the 58th Japanese Music Competition.At the same time, he received the Fukuzawa Award, Kinoshita Award, and Matsushita Award.Received the 21st Jiro Opera Award. 1990 Study abroad in Milan as an overseas trainee for artists dispatched by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.His talent was highly evaluated from early on, and he made his debut at the second session "The Marriage of Figaro" Susanna immediately after completing the training institute, giving a brilliant impression and attracting attention.Since then, he has been acclaimed for numerous performances such as "Cosi fan tutte" Fiordi Rigi, "Ariadne auf Naxos" Zerbinetta, and "Die Fledermaus" Adele. 2003 Nikikai / Cologne Opera House "Der Rosenkavalier" Sophie received the greatest compliment from the famous director Gunter Kramer, and Violetta, who played at the 2009 Amon Miyamoto Nikikai "La Traviata", is in Japan. I was strongly impressed that he was the leading figure in this role.Since then, he has expanded his role with the maturity of his voice, including 2010 "La Boheme" Mimi (Biwako Hall / Kanagawa Kenmin Hall), the same year's second session "Merry Widow" Hannah, and 2011 "The Marriage of Figaro" Countess. He has been active as a leader in the Japanese opera world, such as Kioi Hall "Olympiade" Reachida (replayed in 2015) and 17 New National Theater "Yuzuru". In 2016, he visited Rosalinde for the first time at the second session "Die Fledermaus", and the pattern was also broadcast on NHK.As a soloist for Mahler's "Symphony No. 2017" including "Ninth" at concerts, he has performed with many famous conductors such as Seiji Ozawa, K. Masur, E. Inbal and major orchestras. Conducted the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra "Ninth".He also serves as a personality for NHK FM "Talking Classic". The CD released "Nihon no Uta" and "Nihon no Uta 4".The beautiful singing voice that permeates the heart is acclaimed in "Record Art" magazine.Professor at Kunitachi College of Music.Nikikai member.

Yuga Yamashita (Mezzo-soprano)

Born in Kyoto Prefecture.Graduated from the Department of Vocal Music, Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts.Completed the master's program in opera at the same graduate school of music.Received the same voice award when graduating from undergraduate school.Received the Graduate School Acanthus Music Award at the end of graduate school.The 23rd Fraternity German Song Competition Student Division Encouragement Award.21st Consale Maronnier 21 1st place.Performed as Kerbino in "The Marriage of Figaro" composed by Mozart, as two samurai women in "Mahoufu", and as Mercedes in "Carmen" composed by Bizet.Religious songs include the 61th charity concert "Gyodai Messiah" sponsored by the Asahi Shimbun Welfare Culture Corporation, Mozart "Requiem", "Coronation Mass", Beethoven "Ninth", Verdi "Requiem", Durufure "Requiem", etc. Serve as a soloist.Studied vocal music under Yuko Fujihana, Naoko Ihara, and Emiko Suga.Currently enrolled in the third year of the doctoral program major in opera at the same graduate school.2/64 Munetsugu Angel Fund / Japan Performing Arts Federation Up-and-coming performers Domestic scholarship system Scholarship students.Member of the Japanese Vocal Academy. Performed as Hansel in the Nissay Theater "Hansel and Gretel" in June 3.

Toshiyuki Muramatsu (Countertenor)

Born in Kyoto.Completed the Department of Vocal Music, Faculty of Music, Tokyo University of the Arts, and the Master's Program Solo Singing Department at the same graduate school. Received a scholarship from the Nomura Foundation in 2017 and studied at the Early Music Department of the Novara G. Cantelli Conservatory in Italy.20th ABC Newcomer Audition Best Music Award, 16th Matsukata Music Award Encouragement Award, 12th Chiba City Arts and Culture Newcomer Award, 24th Aoyama Music Award Newcomer Award, 34th Iizuka Newcomer Music Competition 2nd Place, Received the 13rd prize at the 3th Tokyo Music Competition. 2019 Kyoto City Arts and Culture Special Encouragement.Studied vocal music under Yuko Fujihana, Naoko Ihara, Chieko Teratani, and R. Balconi.Performed with the Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra, Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra, Yamagata Philharmonic Orchestra, New Japan Philharmonic Orchestra, Japan Century Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo Vivaldi Ensemble, etc. Appeared on TV and radio, including co-starring with the Osaka Philharmonic Orchestra on NHK FM "Recital Nova" and ABC Broadcasting. Appeared in the comedy "Midsummer Day of Madness" (Yuki) in October 2017, "Michiyoshi Inoue x Hideki Noda" "The Marriage of Figaro" (Kerbino) in 10, and performed contemporary songs at the La Folle Journe Music Festival. As a countertenor, he is working on creating a wide range of repertoires from early music to contemporary music, such as singing the selected songs.Next spring 2020, a season contract with the Erfurt Opera (Germany).The debut of the theater commissioned work has been decided.

Tetsuya Mochizuki (tenor)

Graduated from Tokyo University of the Arts.Completed the graduate school opera department.Received the Ataka Award and Toshi Matsuda Award while attending undergraduate school.Received a docomo scholarship while attending graduate school.Completed the Nikikai Opera Studio.Received the highest award, Shizuko Kawasaki Award.Study abroad in Vienna, Austria as an overseas trainee dispatched by the Agency for Cultural Affairs.The 35th Japan-Italy Concorso 3rd place.Second place in the 11th Sogakudo Japanese Song Competition.Second place in the 2th Japanese Music Competition.He has appeared in many opera works so far.Debuted in Europe by singing the role of "The Magic Flute" Tamino at the Legnica Municipal Theater in Poland.In recent years, he has worked on a wide range of roles such as Wagner and Puccini.In the field of religious songs and symphonies, he has a repertoire of more than 70 works, and often co-stars with well-known conductors.Nikikai member.Associate Professor at Kunitachi College of Music and Graduate School.

Toru Onuma (baritone)

Born in Fukushima prefecture.Graduated from Tokai University, College of Liberal Arts, Department of Art Studies, Musicology Course, and completed the same graduate school.Studied under Ryutaro Kajii.While studying at graduate school, studied abroad at Humboldt University of Berlin as an overseas student of Tokai University.Studied under Kretschmann and Klaus Hager.Completed the 51st Master Class at the Nikikai Opera Training Institute.Received the highest award and the Kawasaki Yasuko award at the end of the course.Received the 14st prize in the vocal section of the 1th Japan Mozart Music Competition.Received the 21st (22) Goshima Memorial Culture Award Opera New Face Award.Study abroad in Meissen, Germany.Nikikai New Wave Opera "The Return of Ulysse" Debuted as Ulysse. In February 2010, he was selected to play the role of Iago in the Tokyo Second Season "Otello", and his large-scale performance was highly acclaimed.Since then, the Tokyo Nikikai "The Magic Flute", "Salome", "Parsifal", "Komori", "Hoffman Story", "Danae no Ai", "Tannhäuser", Nissay Theater "Fidelio", "Koji van Toute", New Appeared in the national theaters "Silence", "The Magic Flute", "Shien Monogatari", and "The Producer Series" Zimmermann "Requiem for Young Poets" (conducted by Kazushi Ono, premiered in Japan) sponsored by the Suntory Arts Foundation.Nikikai member.



General Incorporated Foundation Regional Creation

Production cooperation

Toji Art Garden Co., Ltd.


Takashi Yoshida

Chorus guidance

Kei Kondo
Toshiyuki Muramatsu
Takashi Yoshida

Original language instruction

Kei Kondo (German)
Oba Pascal (French)
Ermanno Arienti (Italian)


Takashi Yoshida
Sonomi Harada
Momoe Yamashita