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Performance information

Association-sponsored performance

Piazzolla 100th Anniversary Ryota Komatsu Tango Quintet +XNUMX (percussion)

A special program that can only be done by Ryota Komatsu who knows all about tango
Libertango Piazzolla Original Tokyo Premiere!

An interview video of performer Ryota Komatsu is now available on official YouTube!You can see it from the related information column at the bottom of the page.

* One seat will be sold in the normal seating arrangement (excluding the front row and some seats) without leaving one seat in the front, back, left and right.
* To prevent the spread of infectious diseases, the front row and some seats will not be sold.
* If there is a change in the event holding requirements at the request of Tokyo and Ota Ward, we will change the start time, suspend sales, set the upper limit of the number of visitors, etc.
* Please check the latest information on this page before visiting.

Efforts regarding new coronavirus infection (please check before visiting)

2021 years 11 month 19 Date (gold)

Schedule 18:30 start (17:30 start)
Venue Ota Ward Hall / Aplico Large Hall
Genre Performance (classical)
Performance / song

Piazzolla: Libertango-Piazzolla Original (1975 Edition)-
Piazzolla: Oblivion
Piazzolla: Winter in Buenos Aires, etc.

* Songs are subject to change.Please note.


Ryota Komatsu (Bandoneon)
Kumiko Kondo (violin)
Shinji Tanaka (contrabass)
Atsushi Suzuki (piano)
Natsuki Kido (guitar)
Naofumi Satake (percussion)
Nana & Axel (guest dancer)

Ticket information

Ticket information

Release date: April 2021, 9 (Wednesday) 15: 10-

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Price (tax included)

All seats specified
5,000 Yen

※ preschooler admission not


Play guide

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Performers / work details

Performer image
Performer image
Kumiko Kondo ⓒ Motoki Uemura
Performer image
Shinji Tanaka ⓒ Motoki Uemura
Performer image
Atsushi Suzuki
Performer image
Natsuki Kido
Performer image
Naofumi Satake
Nana & Axel

Ryota Komatsu (Bandoneon)

Born in Adachi-ku, Tokyo in 1973.He has been talented since high school and was accompaniment to the bandoneon solo on the 1991 last stage of the legendary singer Ranko Fujisawa. Since making his CD debut in 1998, he has achieved monumental performances in the tango world at Carnegie Hall and Buenos Aires, Argentina.More than 20 albums have been produced by Sony Music. "Live in TOKYO-2002" was highly evaluated in Argentina, and in 2003, it was commended by the Argentine Musicians Association (AADI) and the Buenos Aires City Music and Culture Administration. The 2015th shining album "Tint" with Taeko Ohnuki released in 57!Received the Japan Record Award "Excellent Album Award".In addition to the tango world, he participated in Sony's compilation album "image" and the live tour "live image" from the first time.He is also active in composing, including the Fuji TV anime "Mononoke" OP song "Last String Moon", the TBS series "THE World Heritage" OP song "Kaze no Uta", and the movie "The Life of Guskou Budori" (Distributed by Warner Brothers, Tezuka Productions). (Production), "Body Fat Meter Tanita's Employee Cafeteria" (Kadokawa movie), NHK drama "Goen Hunter" soundtrack, etc.

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Kumiko Kondo (violin)

Graduated from Tokyo College of Music.Studied tango violin under Hajime Kamino and Fernando Suarez Pas.After working with Yuzo Nishito and Orquesta Tipica Pampa, he has been active as a major member of the bandoneon player Ryota Komatsu unit.He also formed the choro unit "Trindage" as a player of the Brazilian folk instrument bandolim, and has performed concerts with artists such as Jorginho do Pandeiro and Mauricio Carrilho.

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Shinji Tanaka (contrabass)

Encountered double bass at the age of 18 and graduated from Kunitachi College of Music. In 1982, he started playing mainly chamber music. Since 1990, he has participated in numerous recordings, CM, TV, movies, and other music productions through studio work. In 1991, he was deeply devoted to the performances of the tango masters Kiyoshi Shiga (Vn) and Ranko Fujisawa (Vo). Frequently traveled to Asia in the 1990s and received the scent of the master H. Cabalcos.After working in each group of Kiyoshi Shiga and Koji Kyotani, he has participated in all the units of Ryota Komatsu since 2009. Formed Trio Celeste in 2009.Still pursuing the mystery of tango.

Atsushi Suzuki (pianist / composer)

Graduated from Kunitachi College of Music, Department of Piano, and won the Yatabe Award.Yomiuri rookie concert appearance.After graduating, he started composing with performance activities in Warsaw, Munich, etc., including all over the country.He met Brazilian music while working as a Latin group pianist, and now he plays as a pianist specializing in Brazilian music, which is rare in Japan.As a composer, he has worked on numerous chamber music, piano concertos, commercial songs, and theme songs for radio programs.

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Oniki Mutsuki (guitar)

Born in Kanagawa Prefecture in 1964.Started music activities in high school. In 1990, he formed his own group, Bondage Fruit, and released 6 albums including his latest work "Bondage fruit 2005" (6).Bondage fruit has been highly evaluated overseas, including being invited to the "Scandinavian Progressive Rock Festival" and "Prog Fest '99" in San Francisco.A talented guitarist who keeps evolving his guitar style every day.

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Naofumi Satake (percussion)

Graduated from Kunitachi College of Music, Department of Instrumental Music.Drummer and percussionist. He is active in all genres such as Blitz philharmonic winds, Little Edo Wind Ensemble, Katsuo Miyazaki Group, his own band Bibbidi Bops, jazz, Latin, Kayokyoku, and brass band.Studied drums under Kiyoshi Hasegawa.

Nana (dancer)

High vegetables.Studied classical ballet from the age of 8 in Nagoya, Aichi.Studied under Michiko Matsumoto and Akihiko Fujita. In 2011, he was invited by Artistic Director V. Isaev of the Arts Ballet Theater of Florida to perform at the "8th International Young Dancers Festival" held in Miami, Florida, following the appearance of Ballet Collaboration "Stone Flower". In 2013, starred in "Polovtsian Dances" at the Aichi Triennale Memorial Triple Building performance.Later, he met Argentine tango and turned to a tango dancer. He studied under Axel Arakaki, the 2017 Argentine Tango World Championship Stage Division Champion, Carolina Alberici, the representative of the Nagoya Argentine Tango Club, and Enrique Morales, the representative of Tango Sol Nihonbashi. In 2018, he studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina for a short period of time.In addition to participating in the Argentine Tango World Championship Pista category with Adrian Coria, he will perform outdoors at Plaza Dorrego with local dancers and perform at the tango show of the long-established tango cafe "El Grand Cafe Tortoni".Currently, he is expanding the opportunities for exhibition appearances, mainly at the Tango Salon in Tokyo.He is also a tango teacher who is qualified as a certified teacher of the Japan-Argentina Tango Federation (FJTA).

Accelerator (dancer)

Accelerator Aragaki.Born in Aichi prefecture.Started dancing at the age of 13 under the dancer's mother.He studied various dances such as Argentine tango, hip hop, ballet, and jazz dance, and appeared on many stages.After graduating from high school and making a professional debut and working as a dancer at a theme park for two years, Argentina will study abroad in Buenos Aires for a year in tango. Became a finalist (2th) at the 1 Argentine Tango World Championships and finally won the 2016 World Champion.After that, he participated in a national tour of Japan with the Fabio Hagel Orchestra in the Min-On Concert Association's folk sound tango series "Dramatic Tango".Recently, he has expanded his activities to Asian countries and Europe.