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Performance information

Association-sponsored performance

Shimomaruko Rakugo Club Hikoichi Maruko Guest: Kokontei Kikunojo

Hikoichi, Shirozake, Shirano, and Maruko will appear regularly on a monthly basis, and guests will also appear every time.
Please enjoy the annual young battle!

Efforts regarding new coronavirus infection (please check before visiting)

2022 years 1 month 28 Date (gold)

Schedule 17:30 start (17:00 start)
Venue Ota Ward Plaza Small Hall
Genre Performance (Other)
Shimomaruko Rakugo Club


Hikoichi Hayashiya
Maruko Reireisha

Guest: Kokontei Kikunojo

Young battle
Ryokusuke Yanagiya
Yanagitei Ichiyoshi

Ticket information

Ticket information

Release date: April 2021, 12 (Wednesday) 15: 10-

Buy online ticketsother window

Price (tax included)

All seats specified
2,500 Yen

※ preschooler admission not

Performers / work details

Hikoichi Hayashiya
Hikoichi Hayashiya
Maruko Reireisha Photo
Maruko Reireisha
Kokontei Kikunojo Photo
Kokontei Kikunojo


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