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Performance information

Association-sponsored performance

Shimomaruko Jazz Club 30th Anniversary [Cast change]BIG BAND NIGHT! ~ Special guests Akiyoshi Igarashi, Tadayuki Harada Special Performer Yoshiki Inami

~ A specialty project of Shimomaruko Citizen's Plaza that has continued since 1993 ~

At "Shimomaruko JAZZ Club", you can enjoy two hours of performances by top musicians at close range!
Enjoy the world view of various jazz throughout the year!

At the performance in June, Meikan Igarashi (6 years old) and Tadayuki Harada (91 years old), who have been running on the front line, will present the best time with a big band.Stay tuned for a special session with Shu Inami!

[Notice of change of performers]

Mr. Akiyo Igarashi, who was scheduled to appear as a special guest, will not be able to appear due to health reasons.
We sincerely apologize to everyone who was looking forward to the performance.

Instead, Mr. Koji Shiraishi, a member of "Kenichi Sonoda and the Dixie Kings" who has appeared in our club many times, will appear.
In addition, there is no refund of the ticket price due to the change of performers this time.Thank you kindly look forward for your understanding.

*Due to the construction closure of Ota Kumin Plaza, the venue and performance time will be changed.Please be careful.

Click here for details of the performance on Thursday, January 5

Click here for details of the performance on Thursday, January 7

About measures against infectious diseases (Please check before visiting)

2023 years 6 month 29 day (Thursday)

Schedule 18:30 start (18:00 start)
Venue Daejeon Bunkanomori Hall
Genre Performance (jazz)

Akiyoshi Igarashi (A.Sax) * Performer change
Tadayuki Harada (B.Sax)
Koji Shiraishi (Cl)
Shu Inami (Drs, Perc)
Hideshin Inami and Big Band of Rogues (Tokyo Cuban Boys Jr.)

Ticket information

Ticket information

Release date

  • Online: On sale from 2023:4 on March 12, 10 (Wednesday)!
  • Ticket dedicated phone: March 2023, 4 (Wednesday) 12: 10-00: 14 (only on the first day of sale)
  • Window sales: March 2023, 4 (Wednesday) 12:14-

*From March 2023, 3 (Wednesday), due to the construction closure of Ota Kumin Plaza, the dedicated ticket telephone and Ota Kumin Plaza window operations have changed.For details, please refer to "How to purchase tickets".

How to buy a ticket

Buy online ticketsother window

Price (tax included)

All seats specified
Under 25 years old 1,500 yen
Late ticket [19:30~] 2,000 yen (only if there are seats left on the day)

※ preschooler admission not
*Prices have changed.
* Set tickets (for May to July) will be sold at the counter for 5 yen. (Online reservation not possible)

Entertainment details

Performer image
Tadayuki Harada (B.Sax)
Koji Shiraishi (Cl)
Performer image
Shu Inami (Drs, Perc)
Performer image
Hideshin Inami and The Big Band of Rogues (Tokyo Cuban Boys Jr.)


In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, all seats have been reserved and food and drink are not allowed.