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Performance information

brass ensemble concert Clef Brass Choir 21th Concert We will perform a wide range of songs, from original brass ensemble pieces to familiar pieces such as "Kono Michi".

A concert by a brass ensemble formed in 1994. In 1998, after appearing at an event at a welfare facility in Ota Ward, the group began performing at the “Waku Waku Concert” project for children sponsored by the Ota Bunka-no-Mori Management Council, concerts at local events, day services, and senior stations. We are also focusing on familiar performance activities such as visiting performances and collaborative performances with municipal junior high school brass band clubs.This time, "Praise the noble wine" with the motif of wines from all over the world, "Fantasia" Kono Michi, a repertoire of samurai brass with the motif of Kosaku Yamada's song, and "The Little Mermaid" insert song Part of Your World”, and “Brass Adventure”, a 14-piece brass and percussion quartet, will be performed.

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2023 years 6 month 3 day (Saturday)

Schedule Doors open: 14:30
Start: 15:XNUMX
(Scheduled to end at 17:XNUMX)
Venue Daejeon Bunkanomori Hall
Genre Performance (concert)
Performance / song

♪In Praise of Noble Wine (G. Richards)
♪Part of Your World (A. Menken/Yoshihiro Mizoguchi)
♪ Brass Adventure (Ryota Ishikawa)
♪Fantasia ≪Kono Michi≫ (Hiroki Takahashi)…11 other songs


Clef Brass Choir (Brass Ensemble)

Ticket information

Price (tax included)

Free (236 people on a first-come, first-served basis on the day)










Clef Brass Choir (Tsuchiya)