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Performance information

Aprico Renewal Open Commemoration

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From January 2022 to the end of February 1, Ota Kumin Hall Aprico is undergoing long-term renovation work, such as seismic resistance work on the ceiling, so that everyone can use it with peace of mind. A special project will be held to commemorate the reopening in March 2023.There is also a production plan using a high-brightness projector newly introduced this time.Ladies and gentlemen, please come and visit us.

Renewal POINT by this construction

Aprico has introduced a high-brightness projector with a projected brightness equivalent to 3 lumens.
In addition to movie screenings, concerts, ballets, plays, etc. can also be effectively directed by images.

projector photo
Projector photo 2

Renewal open commemorative event

special piano concert

Kamata, the capital of movies ~The world of Shochiku cinema as seen from a diorama~

play the steinway piano

Ota Ward JHS Wind Orchestra Harukaze Concert


Special Piano Concert [Pre-registration required]

by a pianist from Ota Ward
Spring fragrant, pleasant time (time)

 Performer imagePerformer image
Eriko Gomida and Yukari Ara

Two pianists from Ota Ward play classical masterpieces.It is a concert that can be easily enjoyed by beginners of classical music, including a talk.

  • Date / July 2023, 3 (Friday) 3:14 start (00:13 opening)
  • Venue: Ota Civic Hall Aprico Large Hall
  • Starring: Eriko Gomida, Yukari Ara

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Jacob Kohler solo piano (SOLO PIANO)

Performer image

A piano recital by Jacob Kohler, who runs a music school in Kamata, that can be enjoyed by children and adults alike.From pops that everyone knows to jazz, we will perform with original arrangements.Please enjoy the collaboration of beautiful images and performances by a high-brightness projector.

  • Date / September 2023, 3 (Sat) 4:14 start (00:13 open)
  • Venue: Ota Civic Hall Aprico Large Hall
  • Starring: Jacob Kohler

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Kamata, the capital of movies
~The world of Shochiku seen from a diorama~

Ota Civic Hall Aprico stands on the site of the former Shochiku Kinema Kamata studio.
In addition to the diorama owned by Aprico that reproduces the time, there will be an exhibition where you can experience Kamata, which prospered as the "City of Movies".
A gallery talk on the theme of "Shochiku Kinema Kamata Studio" will also be held.

  • Date: Friday, March 2023, 3 3:10-00:16
  • Venue: Ota Civic Hall Aprico exhibition room

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Let's play the Steinway piano [advance application system]

You can play the Steinway piano in the small hall of Ota Kumin Hall Aprico.

*Performance time is about 10 minutes per frame.On the day of the event, the audience in the small hall will be free to enter and exit.
*The use of ensembles of other musical instruments and audio equipment (PA equipment) such as microphones, amplifiers, mixers, and speakers is not permitted.

  • Date: Friday, March 2023, 3 3:10-00:16
  • Venue: Ota Civic Hall Aprico Small Hall
  • Fee/Free
  • Capacity / first 24 people
  • Application method / Telephone application (TEL: 03-5744-1600)
  • Reception period / February 2023, 2 (Tuesday) 7:10-

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Ota Ward JHS Wind Orchestra
Harukaze Concert

Performer image

A concert by junior high school students from Ota Ward who have gathered across schools and communities.
This is a large stage where members of the brass band clubs of junior high schools in the city, who are usually active in small groups, perform together.Please listen!

  • Date / September 2023, 3 (Sat) 25:15 start (00:14 open)
  • Venue: Ota Civic Hall Aprico Large Hall
  • Appearance: Ota Ward JHS Wind Orchestra (performance), Katsuto Yokoshima (conductor), Nobuyuki Sato (deputy conductor)

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