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Performance information

Opera Project (a.k.a. Aprico Opera)

The “Opera Project” is a community-participation project that was launched by the association in 2019 with the aim of performing a full-length opera on stage with professional musicians.We aim to convey the splendor of "manufacturing" through an "opera" in which people coexist and create their own creativity and expressiveness.

Recruitment information

[Recruitment starts from 5/1] Junior Concert Planner Workshop Part.3 <Public Relations/Advertisement Edition>

[Recruitment closed] Future for OPERA in Ota, Tokyo 2023 Let your voice resonate and challenge the opera chorus! Part 1

[Recruitment closed] Me too! me too! Opera singer ♪-A workshop to create an opera with children on the stage of Aprico Hall♪-

Performance information

Operetta "Die Fledermaus", composed by J. Strauss II, complete

Me too! me too! Opera singer ♪ - A workshop to create an opera with children on the stage of Aprico Hall ♪ - Information on viewing performances

TOKYO OTA OPERA Chorus Mini concert by opera choir (with public rehearsal)

[Ended] A concert that everyone can enjoy, brought to you by a junior concert planner. Anyone from 0 years old can come! Concerts that musicians can enjoy together

[Ended] Opera gala concert with children produced by Daisuke Oyama Bring back the princess! !

Official Twitter is born!

We have opened an official Twitter account for the Opera Project!
In the future, we will continue to provide information as needed, such as the status of opera project activities.
Please follow us!

Account name: [Official] OPERA in Ota, Tokyo (common name: Aprico Opera)
Account ID: @OtaOPERA

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