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Performance information

2022 Instagram Live Streaming Talk Series

2022 Instagram Live Streaming Talk Series #loveartstudioOtA

An artist who has an atelier in Ota Ward will appear as a guest and introduce his own atelier and works.There are two performers on the screen, a guest and a listener (previous guest).It is a talk series that introduces local artists and friends so that guests hand over the baton every time.Please enjoy the conversation between close artists in everyday wear.

Past talk series

Talk series #loveartstudioOtA

[Notice of postponement of Instagram Live]

#loveartstudioOtA VOL.12 scheduled for Friday, December 16
Takafumi Saito's performance will be postponed again due to the circumstances of the performers.We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause to those who were planning to watch.I am sorry.

Before change Date and time: November 2022, 12 (Friday) 16:19
After change Date and time: January 2023, 1 (Thursday) 19:19

Date and Time

  • 6st June 6th (Monday) 19: 00 ~
    Guest: Hiroko Ito (CEO HISUI HIROKO ITO / Designer)
    Interviewer: Yuna Ogino (artist)

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  • 6nd June 20th (Monday) 19: 00 ~
    Guest: Hiroko Okada (artist)
    Interviewer: Hiroko Ito

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  • XNUMXrd 11 month 11 Date (gold) 19: 00 ~ 12 month 16 day (Friday) 19: 00 ~ October 1th (Thursday) 19:19-
    Guest: Takafumi Saito (Orta / Artist)
    Interviewer: Hiroko Okada

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  • 11th November 14th (Monday) 19: 00 ~
    Guest: Kazuhisa Matsuda (Architect)
    Interviewer: Takafumi Saito

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Account name: Ota Ward Cultural Promotion Association
Account ID:otabunka artother window

Performer profile

Hiroko Ito (CEO HISUI HIROKO ITO / Designer)

Designer of HISUI HIROKO ITO.Sugino Gakuen Dressmaker Academy, part-time instructor at TFL.After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology, Department of Menswear & Merchandising (NY), she worked at Comme des Garçons and launched HISUI.She participated in the Tokyo Collection 21 times.She is involved in brand and town revitalization planning, art activities, costume production, and textile design.


The brand name is filled with the image of a beautiful stone color with a strong presence of "jade" and the two-sided fun that has a different meaning of JADE = Jajaumamusume in English. By proposing clothes that enable deep and familiar communication with people who wear them in 2way, 3way, etc., the concept is clothes that make the wearer discover a new inner side and make them feel happy and energetic.Unique and edgy clothes.And clothes that bring out femininity.

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Hiroko Okada (artist)

Photo by Norizumi Kitada

Contemporary artist.Using various expression techniques, he creates works that focus on modern society from the perspective of actual experience-love, marriage, childbirth, child-rearing, etc.Recent exhibitions include the permanent exhibition at the Ars Electronica Center in Austria (2019), "11th Ebisu Film Festival" (Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, 2019), "LESSON 0" (National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea, Gwacheon, Seoul, 2017). ..In addition to his personal activities, he also presides over the alternative puppet theater company "Theatrical Company ★ Death".Book "Gendai Chikosuke's Casebook" Silver-haired Sage and Yuno Female Dog "" (ART DIVER), work collection "DOUBLE FUTURE Engaged Body / My Birth Child" (Kyuryudo). From August 2022th to 8th, 4, an exhibition of new works related to Yonago is planned at the Yonago City Museum of Art.

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Takafumi Saito (Orta / Artist)

Born in Chiba prefecture in 1986.Lives in Ota Ward. In 2012, she completed the master's course at the Department of Painting, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tama Art University. Since 2009, he has been active as an artist collective "Orta".He replaces his work with a device and tries to intervene and expose the madness and distortions that lie in the present.Solo exhibition "Hands that swallow waves" (Art Center Ongoing 2019) "Vague triumphal soul-quietly crouched meat-" (Kohonya 2018) Group exhibition "Try the Video-Drawing" (TAV GALLERY 2021) Experimental Film and Video Festival In Seoul ”(KOREAN FILM ARCHIVE Seoul 2014).

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Kazuhisa Matsuda (Architect)

Performer image

Graduated from the Graduate School of Architecture, Tokyo University of the Arts.Based on research and design methods in the architectural field, she does a wide range of work, from product and furniture design to architectural design and area development. In 2019, KOCA was opened as Atkamata Co., Ltd.Responsible for facility design, incubation facility management, exhibition planning, etc.

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