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Public relations / information paper

2021 bee cub voice honeybee corps

The Ota Ward Cultural Arts Information Paper "ART bee HIVE" is a quarterly information paper that contains information on local culture and arts, newly published by the Ota Ward Cultural Promotion Association from the fall of 2019. "BEE HIVE" means a beehive.Together with the ward reporter "Mitsubachi Corps" gathered by open recruitment, we will collect artistic information and deliver it to everyone!
In "bee cub voice honeybee corps", the honeybee corps will interview the events and artistic places posted in this paper and review them from the perspective of the inhabitants of the ward.
"Cub" means a newcomer to a newspaper reporter, a fledgling.Introducing the art of Ota Ward in a review article unique to the honeybee corps!

2nd Anniversary Special Exhibition "Crossing Master-Slave Yoshinobu x Kaishu"
venue/Ota Ward Katsu Kaishu Memorial Hall Session / September 2021th (Friday) -December 9th (Sunday), 17

ART bee HIVE vol.1 Introduced in the special feature "Takumi".

Ota Ward Cultural Arts Information Paper "ART bee HIVE" vol.1

Mitsubachi Name: Inko from Kugahara (joined the Mitsubachi Corps in 2021)

I went to an exhibition where I read the relationship between Katsu Kaishu and Yoshinobu Tokugawa for 30 years after the repatriation of the Taisei Hokan from the materials released for the first time.While serving the Shogunate, Kaifune has criticized Yoshinobu and was in a bad mood, but in the Meiji era, he struggled to get rid of Yoshinobu's decency.It can be read from the materials that Yoshinobu also trusted Kaifune, and after the resignation was lifted and he had an audience with the emperor, he seemed to have gone to Katsu's villa, Washokuken.It seems that research focusing on the two of them during this period is rare, but from a new perspective, you can realize the multi-layered history and relationships that were unknown until now.


Honeybee Name: Unoki Hummingbird (joined the 2021 Honeybee Corps)

The special exhibition commemorating the 2nd anniversary of the opening of the museum was a master-slave relationship between Katsu and Yoshinobu Tokugawa, who was re-focused on the taiga drama.The exhibition materials are mostly letters and have little visual impact like paintings, but while referring to the curator's commentary exhibition, look at the handwritten letters in chronological order while staying close to their feelings. When I was there, it was fun to see the drama in my head.The elegant Art Deco-style building using the former Seimei Bunko * seems to further expand your intellectual curiosity.

* Former Kiyoaki Bunko: A nationally registered cultural property that retains the architectural style after the Great Kanto Earthquake from the end of the Taisho era to the beginning of the Showa era.


venue/ART FACTORY Jonanjima Session / October 2021th (Sat) -October 10th (Sun), 9

ART bee HIVE vol.3 Introduced in the attention EVENT of ART bee HIVE vol.8, an artistic place.

Ota Ward Cultural Arts Information Paper "ART bee HIVE" vol.3

Ota Ward Cultural Arts Information Paper "ART bee HIVE" vol.8

Mitsubachi Name: Mr. Omori from Norway (joined the Mitsubachi Corps in 2021)

Provided by: Horai Tokage

At a glance, you can't tell what is drawn in the work of Misuzu Nakano, which is drawn in detail on the screen.If you take a closer look, you will see a number of mysterious shapes.At the studio next to the exhibition venue, I was able to see the production process.The sketch on the wall is like a specimen.When I look at the work again, each part looks like a living thing, and it feels like I'm looking into a small world that I can't see with the naked eye.


Honeybee name: Tokage Horai (joined the honeybee corps in 2021)

Manami Hayasaki's installation with three cutouts depicting Japanese native species in the center, exotic species on the left, and Yoshino cherry tree on the right.
An alien species is a definition that was born in recent years, and the boundaries are uncertain.Sakura, which is the heart of the Japanese people, is synonymous with Yoshino cherry tree, which is an artificially propagated clone, and it was not until the Meiji era that it spread nationwide.
A work that reflects the ambiguity of things and the preconceptions of the image will reveal the unconscious stereotypes and contradictions within us.
At the attached studio, I was blessed with the opportunity to hear from him directly and get a glimpse of the production process.


"Piazzolla 100th Anniversary Ryota Komatsu Tango Quintet +XNUMX (Percussion)"
Venue / Ota Ward Hall Aplico Date / Friday, November 2021, 11

Details of the performance

Mitsubachi Name: Mr. Korokoro Sakurazaka (Joined the 2019 Mitsubachi Corps)

Recently, the Argentine tango scene that became a very impressive and talked-about scene at the beginning of the movie "Masquerade Night".Ryota Komatsu was the bandoneon player who shook his heart.At this concert, he enjoyed the selection of songs from "Piazzolla's 100th Anniversary", and the last was the climax with the famous song "Winter in Buenos Aires".In the encore, I was fascinated by the exquisite selection of the super royal road "La Cumparsita".And the guest dancer NANA & Axel who changed the dress three times and showed off gracefully was a masterpiece!


Ota Ward Ryuko Memorial Hall Collaboration Exhibition
"Ryuko Kawabata vs. Ryutaro Takahashi Collection -Makoto Aida, Tomoko Konoike, Hisashi Tenmyouya, Akira Yamaguchi-"
Venue / Ota Ward Ryuko Memorial Hall Session / September 2021th (Sat) -November 9th (Sun), 4

ART bee HIVE vol.7 Art place, ART bee HIVE vol.8 Introduced in the art person "Ryutaro Takahashi".

Ota Ward Cultural Arts Information Paper "ART bee HIVE" vol.7

Ota Ward Cultural Arts Information Paper "ART bee HIVE" vol.8

Honeybee name: Magome RIN (joined the honeybee corps in 2019)

A collaboration between Ryuko Kawabata and a work owned by Ryutaro Takahashi, a contemporary art collector related to Ota Ward, has been realized.
I am amazed at the good matching of the works of Ryuko and contemporary artists.There may be something in common with challengers who express themselves as they wish, without being bound by existing values.
And, it is said that the number of visitors has renewed significantly every year in the corona disaster, and the number has reversed for the first time from seniors to young people.The calm atmosphere of the Ryuko Memorial Hall has been added to the liveliness of the young people who appreciate it at the time of the interview.
The timeless challengers were shining a new glow in the venue.


Mitsubachi Name: Mr. Subako Sanno (Joined the Mitsubachi Corps in 2021)

According to the curator, the concept is "Zubari'VS'".
Ryuko Memorial Hall, a museum of Japanese painting.This is the first collaboration with contemporary art.
It can be seen that it was a "challenge" as the Ryuko Memorial Hall.For me personally, rather than "VS", I felt that both Ryuko's work and Ryutaro Takahashi's collection work are full of the artist's intention to "do not want to fit in the frame!" rice field.
However, I want to see more of this "VS".I'm looking forward to the second one.


Special exhibition "Hasui Kawase-Japanese landscape traveling with prints-"
venue/Ota Ward Folk Museum Session / July 2021th (Sat) -September 7th (Monday / holiday), 17

ART bee HIVE vol.6 Pick up Museum in OTA (Omori district), ART bee HIVE vol.7 Special feature "I want to go, the scenery of Daejeon drawn by Hasui Kawase" was introduced.

Ota Ward Cultural Arts Information Paper "ART bee HIVE" vol.6

Ota Ward Cultural Arts Information Paper "ART bee HIVE" vol.7 

Honeybee name: Mr. Kuroichi Omori (joined the honeybee corps in 2021)

Work / Tentative title / Morigasaki seaweed drying area scenery
Hasui Kawase "Tentative title / Morigasaki seaweed drying area scenery"
(Owned by Yamamoto Seaweed Store Co., Ltd.)

An exhibition of Hasui Kawase, who was called "Showa Hiroshige" and "Travel Poet".Among them, the one that caught my eye was "Tentative title / Morigasaki seaweed drying area scenery".It is the scenery of Omori, which is nostalgic when I was a child.
This work was requested by the Yamamoto Seaweed store in Nihonbashi and is not from the usual publisher.It is written in his diary on March 1954, 29 (Showa 3) that Hasui himself visited the seaweed drying area in Omorihigashi.The guide was Mr. Zenichiro Koike, who was the head of the Yamamoto seaweed shop at that time.Mr. Koike was the old man who lived next to my house.It was a discovery that Hasui felt closer to him.


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