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Public relations / information paper

Information on the paper-linked TV program "ART bee HIVE TV"

About "ART bee HIVE TV"

From the fall of 2020, we started a TV program linked with the information paper "ART bee HIVE"!
We will pick up and deliver art information in Ota Ward according to the month of publication of the information paper.

This time, the program has been renewed from the July 2022 broadcast!
The navigator of the program will be "Risby", who was born as the official PR character of the information paper "ART bee HIVE".
In addition, Hitomi Takahashi, a special envoy for tourism PR in Ota Ward, will be in charge of the narration of the program!Please watch it!

What is the official PR character "Rizby"?

Broadcast channel ・ It's Com Channel 11ch Every Saturday from 21:40 to 21:50 

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・ J: COM Channel 11ch Every Saturday from 20:05 to 20:15
Broadcast month Scheduled to be broadcast in the month of publication of the information paper
Program content ・ Featured art event
・ Cultural people related to Ota Ward
・ Various galleries
・ We will deliver cultural and artistic information
Navigator Ota Ward Cultural Arts Information Paper "ART bee HIVE" Official PR Character Lisby
narrator Actress, Ota Ward Tourism PR Special Envoy Hitomi Takahashi

Performer introduction

Hitomi Takahashi (actress, Ota Ward Tourism PR Special Envoy)

Born in Tokyo in 1961. In 1979, she made her stage debut with Shuji Terayama's "Bluebeard's Castle in Bartok".The following 80 years, she made the movie "Shanghai Ijinkan". In 83, the TV drama "Fuzoroi no Ringotachi".Since then, she has been widely active in the stage, movies, dramas, variety shows, etc. She will be a PR special envoy for tourism in Ota Ward from 2019.
Currently being performedStage "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child" Appearing in.

We received comments on the appointment of the narrator!

I am delighted to be the narrator for "ART bee HIVE TV".
I have lived in Ota Ward's Senzokuike since I was 8 years old.
The environment and scenery are almost the same, and it is a wonderful place that everyone carefully protects.
Many people come to see the cherry blossoms during the cherry blossom season.
At such times, I'm proud of it as if it were blooming in my garden.
When I see a family rowing happily on a boat in Senzokuike, I wonder if they would bring their own children again when they grow up.
So is the festival.
It's a place where I want you to stay the same.
Ota Ward is large and there are many wonderful places that are still unknown, so I would like to have fun communicating with everyone.
Thank you very much.

Hitomi Takahashi

CM video is now available!


List of past performers

Broadcast month Performer
Broadcast from September 2020 to April 9 (2022st to 4th) Theatrical company Yamanote Jijosha Mio Nagoshi / Kanako Watanabe