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Ryushi Memorial Museum

60th Anniversary Special Exhibition “Yokoyama Taikan and Kawabata Ryushi”

Ryushi Memorial Museum 60th Anniversary Special Exhibition “Yokoyama Taikan and Kawabata Ryushi”
Date: February 5, 2 (Sat/Holiday) - March 11 (Sun)
First term: February 2th to February 11th Second term: February 2th to March 24th

* As a measure to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, please wear a mask, disinfect your hands, and fill out a health check sheet when you enter the museum.We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Introduction of exhibition contents

 The Ryushi Memorial Museum is an art museum built in front of the residence of Ryushi Kawabata (1885-1966), a Japanese painter, in celebration of receiving the Order of Culture and celebrating his 5th birthday. welcome.In commemoration of this, this exhibition introduces the dramatic interaction between Tatsuko and Taikan Yokoyama (60-1868), who is known not only by art fans but also as a leading figure in the Japanese painting world.Tatsuko's journey as a Japanese-style painter began in the Taisho period, when she gained a stage at the Revival of the Japan Art Institute (Inten) led by Taikan and others.Ryuko adored Taikan like his master, and Taikan also placed high expectations on Ryuko.However, Tatsuko insisted on her own artistic view and withdrew from the Inten in 1958, and it took more than 1928 years for the two to reconcile.In Taikan's final years, Taikan, Ryushi, and Kawai Gyokudo joined the three masters exhibition, praising their overflowing smiles.
 In this exhibition, Taikan's representative work in his youth, Muga (1897, Mizuno Museum collection [exhibited only in the second half]), Tou Jingming's painting of Tou Yuanming (circa 1919, Yokosuka Museum of Art collection), In addition to one of his later works, One Day in the Pacific (1952, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo), which rises from the sky to Mt. I will exhibit.Ryushi's works include Reisen Yukari (1935, owned by Eisei Bunko), which won the Chougyu Prize at the Inten, and the large-scale work The Sound of the Sea (1916, owned by Takashimaya Archives), which was commissioned after leaving the Inten. Through the exhibition and works by Taikan, Gyokudo, and Ryushi in the Three Great Masters Exhibition "Shochikubai", we will shed light on the drama of these two artists who should be preserved in the history of Japanese art.
(In the first half, Taikan Yokoyama “Hotei” (around 1902-06, Mizuno Museum collection), and in the second half, Yokoyama Taikan “Muga” (1897, Mizuno Museum collection).)

Sponsored by: Ota Ward Cultural Promotion Association, Nihon Keizai Shimbun

[Press Release] 60th Anniversary Special Exhibition “Yokoyama Taikan and Kawabata Ryuko”

[Flyer] 60th Anniversary Special Exhibition “Yokoyama Taikan and Kawabata Ryuko”

Main exhibits

Taikan Yokoyama, One Day in the Pacific Ocean, 1952, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo

Yokoyama Taikan, Tosei Bushi, circa 1919, Yokosuka Museum of Art

Taikan Yokoyama << Selflessness >> 1897, Mizuno Museum collection (exhibited only in the second half)


Yokoyama Taikan, The Divine Country of Japan, 1935, Collection of Meito Art Museum

Kawabata Ryushi, Originating from the Sacred Spring, 1916, Eisei Bunko Collection


Ryushi Kawabata, Roar of the Sea, 1937, Takashimaya Historical Museum


Yokoyama Taikan, Pine (white sand, green pine), from “Shochikubai”, 1955, Yamatane Museum of Art

Ryushi Kawabata, Plum Blossoms (Plum Blossoms) from "Shochikubai", 1955, Yamatane Museum of Art


Exhibition information

Session Saturday, February 5, 2 to Sunday, March 11, 3
Museum Hours of Operation 9: 00-16: 30 (Admission until 16:00)
Museum Holidays Mondays (open if Monday is a holiday and closed the following day)
Museum Admissions Fee

Adults (16 years old and over): 500 yen Children (6 years old and over): 250 yen
*Admission is free for children aged 65 and over (proof required), preschool children, and those with a disability certificate and one caregiver.

Information on Ryuko Park 10:00, 11:00, 14:00
* The gate will open at the above time and you can observe it for 30 minutes.
Gallery talk

February 5 (Sun), 2 (Sun), 12 (Sun), March 19 (Sun), 26
About 13 minutes from 00:40 every day
Advance application system, capacity 25 people each time (first-come-first-served basis)

Apply from here

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60th anniversary special exhibition lecture “Yokoyama Taikan and Kawabata Ryuko”
Date: March 5, 3 (Sat) 4:13-30:15
Capacity: 100 people Venue: Ota Bunka no Mori 5th floor multipurpose room

Click here for the application page


Ota Ward Ryuko Memorial Hall

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