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From the association

About the outbreak of new coronavirus positive person of the staff commissioned by Ota Ward Culture Promotion Association

As a result of the new coronavirus test, one staff member of the Ota Ward Cultural Promotion Association was found to be positive.
The situation regarding the staff is as follows.

(1) Work location Ota Ward Cultural Promotion Association designated management contract facility

(2) Work content Facility management work

(3) Symptoms Sore throat, cough

(4) Progress
  February 17 (Thursday) Sore throat
  February 18 (Friday) Medical institution consultation, PCR test implementation
  February 19 (Sat) Positive found

About current correspondence

Under the guidance of the health center, we will respond as follows.

(1) The employee did not commute to work on February 2th (Monday) at the end.

(2) There are no inhabitants or staff members who are suspected of having close contact with the relevant staff members.

(3) We take necessary measures to prevent infection, such as thorough disinfection of the facility.

(4) We will not be closed temporarily and will continue to work as usual.

To the press

We ask for your special understanding and consideration for respecting the human rights of patients and their families and protecting personal information.


Secretary General of Ota Ward Cultural Promotion Association TEL: 03-3750-1611

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