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AssociationKumagai Tsuneko Memorial Museum

About the implementation of Tsuneko Kumagai's Kana calligraphy workshop "Kana's beauty soothes with ink brush"

The Kumagai Tsuneko Memorial Hall will be in operation for the time being from October 10th (Friday), 15rd year of Reiwa, due to investigation and renovation work due to the deterioration of the facility.Temporary closedI will do it.We will let you know when the opening date is decided.We apologize for any inconvenience, and thank you for your understanding.

Workshop information

"Kana's beauty soothes with ink brush"

Introduction of contents

This is a workshop where you can experience the beautiful calligraphy of Tsuneko Kumagai.

① Parents and children write their favorite words on the Uchiwa and experience calligraphy.

(XNUMX) Waka poems and splicing paper Waka poems are written on colored paper with kana and decorated in a splicing paper style.



Example of production work ((XNUMX) Parent and child calligraphy for elementary and junior high school students)


Examples of production works (② Waka poems and splicing paper for high school students and above)


◇ venue

 Daejeon Bunkanomori 4th Floor 3rd and 4th Meeting Room

◇ Period

 ① Reiwa 4th August 8th (Sat) 13: 10-00: 13  ② Reiwa 4th August 8th (Sun) 14: 12-30: 15  

◇ Target

 ① Elementary school to junior high school students * 1st to 3rd grade elementary school students are accompanied by a guardian 

          * Other than the above, parents can also participate. 

 ② High school students and above 

◇ Capacity

 Each time 18 name(If the capacity is exceeded, a lottery will be held)

◇ Deadline

 Must arrive on Friday, March 7

◇ Participation fee


◇ Application / Inquiries

 "Kanasho Workshop" in charge of Ryuko Memorial Hall, Ota Ward

 143-0024-4 Central, Ota-ku, 2-1 TEL / FAX: 03-3772-0680 

◇ How to apply

 Please apply by "round-trip postcard" or "FAX".Please fill in the event name, zip code, address, name (furigana), age, phone number, desired date and time, number of participants (up to 2 people) and send it to the above.


* Please enter the address and name of the representative on the reply postcard.

* If you apply by fax, please be sure to enter the fax number for reply.

* We may provide information to public institutions such as public health centers as necessary with the name and contact information you applied for.

* The session may be changed or canceled depending on the situation of new coronavirus infection.Please note.


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