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AssociationKumagai Tsuneko Memorial Museum

About holding of the 4rd memorial hall lecture in 3 "Unraveling the kana folding book" Iroha Cho "

Reiwa 4th 3rd Memorial Hall Lecture

"Unraveling the book 'Iroha Cho', a book of kana folds"

Introduction of contents

"Iroha Uta" has been used as a model for kana. In 1956, the calligrapher Tsuneko Kumagai (1893-1986) used the Iroha Uta to learn the basics of kana, and created her own folding book Iroha Cho.This time, I will introduce the characteristics of the calligraphy expressed by Tsuneko, referring to "Iroha Cho".

Taken in the reception room of his home (currently Memorial Hall).Calligrapher Tsuneko Kumagai (1972)

Recruitment information

Dates 2023 years 2 month 18 day (Saturday)
open time 14: 00-15: 30 (Opening from 13:30)
Venue Daejeon Bunkanomori Multipurpose Room
lecturer Ota Ward Kumagai Tsuneko Memorial Hall Curator
Capacity 50 people
* If the capacity is exceeded, a lottery will be held.
* Free entry fee
Application deadline Must arrive on Friday, December 2023, 2
How to apply

Please apply by "round-trip postcard" or "FAX" (up to 1 people per mail).Please fill in the postal code, address, name (furigana), age, telephone number, and "2rd Memorial Hall Course" and send it to the following. * If you apply by fax, please be sure to enter the fax number for reply.

* We may provide information such as your name and contact information to public institutions such as health centers as necessary.Please note.
contact information

〒143-0024 4-2-1 Central, Ota-ku Ota-ku Ryuko Memorial Hall "3rd Memorial Hall Lecture" Section

TEL / FAX: 03-3772-0680

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