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Recruitment information

Ryuko Memorial Hall 5rd Memorial Hall Lecture 3

The Memorial Museum Course is a cultural dissemination course conducted by the curators of the Ryushi, Tsuneko Kumagai, Sanno Sodo, and Shiro Ozaki Memorial Museums in Ota Ward, and each year they present the latest research reports on each memorial museum.

Reiwa 5th 3rd Memorial Hall Lecture “Ryuko Kawabata/Sketches of Painters in the 10s”

 In this course, since 2015, we have set a theme every year and explained the painting work of Japanese painter Ryuko Kawabata, based on the latest research status.This time, we will consider the artist's life in the 10s, based on Ryuko's reporting in the South Sea Islands and four times in mainland China before and during the war, as well as the sketches she made while heading to the intensifying southern front.

Date and time: February 2024, 2 (Sat) 17:13-30:15
Lecturer: Takuya Kimura (Curator, Ota City Ryuko Memorial Museum)
Venue: Ota Bunka no Mori Hall
Deadline: Until February 2th (Tuesday) *Due to some margin, the recruitment period has been extended.
Capacity: 120 people (If the capacity is exceeded, a lottery will be held)

*We will contact you from the address below.Please set up your computer, mobile phone, etc. so that you can receive emails from the address below, enter the required information, and apply.