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Recruitment information

Aprico Uta Night Concert Performer Audition

In 2023, Ota Civic Hall Aprico will celebrate its 25th anniversary.Taking this opportunity, we will start a new program to support young artists, "Aprico Uta Night Concert".We will deliver the world of songs such as opera arias from songs by up-and-coming young vocalists so that local people and people returning from work can relax and enjoy the night.The start time will be set a little later, and the program will be 60 minutes (no breaks).

We will hold an audition for the performers in 2023 for young vocalists who want to resonate their own singing voice at the aprico hall, which is full of sound.Please take advantage of this opportunity to gain practical experience.We hope that many people will take on the challenge.

Business Summary

This project will be implemented as part of the young artist support program "Ota Ward Cultural Promotion Association Friendship Artist".Outstanding young musicians will participate in performances sponsored by this association and cultural and artistic dissemination activities in Ota Ward.It aims to support and nurture the next generation of artists by providing a place for practice.

Young Artist Support Program

2023 Performer Audition Overview

  • Completion of compulsory education or more
  • Applications outside Ota Ward are possible, regardless of nationality
Entry fee Must not
Number of employees 3 people (planned)
Selection judge
  • Taro Ichihara (singer)
  • Yukiko Yamaguchi (vocal musician)
  • Takashi Yoshida (Pianist / Répétiteur)
Contact 146-0092-3 Shimomaruko, Ota-ku, Tokyo 1-3 Inside Ota Citizen's Plaza
(Public interest incorporated foundation) Ota Ward Cultural Promotion Association "Uta no Night 2023 Performer Audition" Section
TEL: 03-3750-1611
Regarding the cost
  • Please note that travel and accommodation expenses for auditions (including accompaniment pianist arrangements), meetings, rehearsals, performances, etc. will be borne by the individual.
  • Once the performance is decided, the performance fee will be paid after the performance.
  • The aprico song night concert will be a paid performance with all seats reserved for 1000 yen (planned).

Selection method / schedule

1st selection Documents, composition, CD examination

Documents to be submitted
  • Prescribed application form (with photo attached)
  • composition
  • Sound source on CD
  • Recording time about 5 to 10 minutes
  • Performance recording is limited to those within the past 2 years (2019 or later)
  • Be sure to record songs (Japanese, German, Italian, French, Russian, English, etc.) or opera arias.In addition, children's songs, musical numbers, etc. can be freely selected.
  • CDs are limited to those that can be played on a general CD player
  • Please specify the name and songs on the CD

① Motivation for applying for Aprico Uta's Night Concert
(XNUMX) What kind of challenges do you want to take as a vocalist in the future?

  • Select either ① or ②
  • About 800 to 1,200 characters
  • Free format
Application period

Must arrive from Thursday, September 2022st to Saturday, September 9th, 1

  • The first pass / fail result will be shipped on October 1th (Monday) (planned)
  • Please note that the documents will not be returned.Please make a copy and submit it if necessary.
How to apply

Please attach a photo to the application form and send it by mail together with the necessary materials. (Only mail is accepted)

Application form (PDF)PDF

Contact 146-0092-3 Shimomaruko, Ota-ku, Tokyo 1-3 Inside Ota Citizen's Plaza
(Public interest incorporated foundation) Ota Ward Cultural Promotion Association "Uta no Night 2023 Performer Audition" Section
TEL: 03-3750-1611

2nd selection practical skill examination

Dates Thursday, November 2022, 11 17: 11- (planned)

Ota Ward Plaza Large Hall

  • Audition is private
  • Accompaniment, page-turning, etc. must be arranged and accompanied by each person.
  • All performances are secret notes
contents of the test

The examination time is scheduled to be about 10 minutes.Two genres of Japanese songs and opera arias (in the original language) are indispensable for the performance songs.

  • Songs other than the first selection (CD sound source recording)
  • The song cannot be changed
  • It may be cut in the middle of the performance.Please note
Pass / fail result Shipped on Monday, November 2022, 11 (planned)

Regarding the appearance concert

Successful applicants are scheduled to hold a face-to-face meeting and a meeting on the day of appearance at 2022:12 on December 7, 16 (Wednesday).Thank you for your adjustment.

2023 Aprico Song Night Concert

Scheduled date
  • Vol.1 Friday, May 2023, 5
  • Vol.2 Friday, May 2023, 9
  • Vol.3 Friday, May 2024, 1
Venue Ota Ward Hall / Aplico Large Hall
Time 19:30 start
チケット All seats reserved 1,000 yen (planned)
  • For the performance program, we would like to have songs that customers can enjoy.
  • Please write a memo (commentary) for the song in the distribution program on the day of the performance (about 1,300-1,400 characters).
  • There is a charge for the aprico song night concert.We will provide two invitation tickets to the performers (including the accompaniment pianist), but we also ask for sales cooperation.