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Recruitment information

Reiwa 3rd year OTA Art Meeting

The online meeting "OTA Art Meeting" started in the 2nd year of Reiwa as a place for exchanges with the participation of residents by inviting guests and lecturers.
The purpose is to listen to opinions and requests widely, share information on cultural and artistic activities, and build a new network.
We will use it as a place to create opportunities for independent cultural and artistic activities, and aim to revitalize cultural and artistic activities in Ota Ward and make the region more attractive.

Click here for the implementation of Reiwa 2nd year

Recommendation of art activities @ Ota Ward << Shopping Street x Art >>

We invite guests such as the owners of art spots in the shopping district and the organizers of art events to talk about the ideal way of art and activities that are closely related to the community.Ota Ward has 140 shopping streets and is the number one shopping street in Tokyo.We will discuss together the essential issue of what art-based community development is, with examples of incorporating art into a shopping district that is familiar to people in their daily lives.

Event Dates 2022 year 3 month 3 day (Thursday) 18: 30 to 20: 00
Holding method Association YouTube Channel Live Streaming (Free)
* We will send the participation URL to those who applied by e-mail around the end of February.
Performer Gento Kono, Secretary General, Ota Ward Shopping District Association
Hasugetsu Wajima Co., Ltd. Motofumi
Anzu Bunko Atsushi Kagaya
Ota Ward Cultural Promotion Association Cultural Arts Promotion Section Chief Nomori Shimamura
Application period Must arrive on Tuesday, February 2022, 2
How to take the exam Please apply from the "application form" below.
* The schedule may be changed or the event may be canceled depending on the infection status of the new coronavirus.
Contact 146-0092-3 Shimomaruko, Ota-ku, Tokyo 1-3 Inside Ota Citizen's Plaza
(Public interest) Ota Ward Cultural Promotion Association Cultural Arts Promotion Division Public Relations and Public Hearing
TEL: 03-3750-1611


Gento Kono, Secretary General, Ota Ward Shopping District Association

In 2011, he joined the Ota Ward Shopping District Association by mid-career recruitment from the consulting industry.Promote reform of shopping street support by reviewing the system of the federation secretariat and proposing various measures to Ota Ward.In recent years, we have expanded our activities to various fields such as tourism, welfare, and health, as well as commerce, and we also support the coordination of public-private partnerships.

Hasugetsu Wajima Co., Ltd. Motofumi

Founded and operated "Kominka Cafe Rengetsu", a cafe and rental space renovated from an 89-year-old folk house in Ikegami, Ota-ku, Tokyo.The business of the long-established Kamameshi restaurant "Nire no Ki" in the same area was succeeded.

Anzu Bunko Atsushi Kagaya

Born in Urayasu City, Chiba Prefecture in 1993. In September 2019, a second-hand bookstore "Anzu Bunko" was opened between Sanno Omori and Magome.In addition to novels and poetry, the store has old books such as essays, philosophies, picture books, food, and books on living things, while also offering a few new books.There are also books related to Magome Writers' Village for browsing in one corner of the store.At the back of the store, there is also a counter where you can drink coffee and Western liquor.

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