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Recruitment information

[End of recruitment]Ota Civic Plaza reopening commemorative event Experience the highest quality piano, the Steinway piano (D-274)!

Let's play the Steinway piano! in Ota Civic Plaza Large Hall


To commemorate the reopening of Ota Civic Plaza, we will hold an event where you can play the Steinway piano in the large hall for free.
Why not take this opportunity to play the piano that is loved by famous pianists around the world?

Time & Date

[1 minutes per slot (including preparation and cleanup)]

  7th February (Friday) 7/6 (Sat)
10:00-10:30 10:00-10:30
10:35-11:05 10:35-11:05
11:10-11:40 11:10-11:40
4 11:45-12:15 11:45-12:15
13:30-14:00 13:30-14:00
14:05-14:35 14:05-14:35
14:40-15:10 14:40-15:10
15:15-15:45 15:15-15:45
15:50-16:20 15:50-16:20
16:25-16:55 16:25-16:55
Venue Ota Ward Plaza Large Hall
cost Free
Capacity 20 groups (10 slots per day, advance application required, if there are overlaps in the desired slots, a lottery will be held)
Target 3 years old or older (residing, working, or attending school in the ward) *Persons under elementary school age must be accompanied by a guardian.
Application period Must arrive between 2024:6 a.m. on Tuesday, June 11, 9 and Sunday, June 00, 6. *Recruitment has ended.
How to apply

Please apply by phone (TEL: 03-6424-5900) or from the "Application Form" below.
If you do not receive a reservation completion email, please contact us using the details below.
The lottery result is6 month 18 day (Tue) 10: 00 to 17: 00During this period, those who applied online will be notified by email, and those who applied by phone will be notified by phone.
If we cannot contact you by email or phone, we may decline your application. Please note.

  • Only piano performance is allowed. Moving the piano or performing special performances is not permitted.
  • Duet and up to two people can take turns playing.
  • As this is a trial event, it cannot be used for presentations or classroom practice purposes.
  • On the day of the event, guests are free to enter and exit the seats in the large hall.
  • You may take videos and still images for your own personal records. However, taking videos for the purpose of posting them on YouTube, etc. is not permitted.
  • Staff may take photographs for the purposes of our association's business materials.
  • Parking lot is not available.

Organizer / Inquiry

Ota City Cultural Promotion Association “Let’s play the Steinway piano! in Ota Civic Plaza Large Hall”
Ota City Residents Plaza
TEL: 03-6424-5900 FAX: 03-5744-1599

Request for successful application

We will contact you from the address below.Please set the following address to be receivable on your personal computer, mobile phone, etc., enter the necessary information, and apply.