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About the association

About use of facility

About the use of cultural facilities to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infections

In order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection, we are requesting some restrictions and caution when using it, and we would like to ask all users to continue to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.
Please note that the use of the facility may be restricted depending on the infection situation in the future.

XNUMX. XNUMX.Target facility, period, etc. * 5/23 update


May XNUMX, XNUMXth year of Reiwa-for the time being

Opening hours of each facility

It will continue to be open normally.
There are some restrictions on the purpose of use."XNUMX. Restrictions and requests depending on the purpose of use"Please check together with.

  • Ota City Residents Plaza
  • Ota City Residents Hall (Aprico)
  • Ota Bunka-no-mori (support facility for cultural activities)

Refund of facility charge

For the time being, regardless of the usage category, if you cancel the facility use to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, we will refund the full amount.Please contact each facility for details.

XNUMX. XNUMX.Limitation on the number of users

In principle, after thoroughly implementing infection control measures based on the request of the national government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, in the case of an event, the audience, etc. will speak louder than usual, and the event or necessary measures will be sufficient. XNUMX% or less only for events that are not given.

XNUMX. XNUMX.Basic infection prevention measures

We ask all organizers and visitors involved in facilities and performances to cooperate with the following basic infection prevention measures.

  • As a general rule, always wear a mask properly.
  • Thoroughly disinfect and wash your hands.
  • Try to suppress conversation (do not shout) and cough etiquette.
  • Make sure that the distance between them is appropriate.
  • We will strive for ventilation.
  • For eating and drinking in the hall (excluding the rooms where eating and drinking is prohibited from before), it is permissible to have lunch etc. for a short time after enforcing silent eating and ensuring ventilation.
  • We will actively utilize the contact confirmation application (COCOA) of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare.
  • We will enforce temperature measurement and take measures such as waiting at home if you have a high fever (*) compared to normal fever or if you have any of the following symptoms.
  • Symptoms such as cough, dyspnea, general malaise, sore throat, runny nose / nasal congestion, taste / smell disorders, joint / muscle pain, diarrhea, vomiting, etc.
  • When there is close contact with a positive PCR test
  • Immigration restrictions, visit history to countries / regions that require an observation period after entry, and close contact with the resident, etc.
    * Example of criteria for "when there is higher heat than normal heat" …… When there is heat of 37.5 ° C or higher

XNUMX.Restrictions and requests depending on the purpose of use

In the case of the following purposes of use, the use will be restricted or canceled for the time being.
In addition, we plan to decide to lift the restriction based on the future situation such as the progress of the roadmap.

A) Eating and drinking

It is okay to have lunch in the hall (excluding the rooms where eating and drinking is prohibited from before), but please be careful about the following points.

  • Please ensure ventilation.
  • Please sit in a non-face-to-face manner.
  • Please secure an appropriate distance between users.
  • Please avoid sharing chopsticks and plates between users.
  • Please refrain from loud conversations during meals.

In the room where you can eat and drink, please do the following.

Handling of food and drink (including drinking) in the facilityPDF

Efforts after May XNUMX (May XNUMX, XNUMXth year of Reiwa, Tokyo)PDF

B) Use that requires special attention

When using for the following purposes, please be careful about securing interpersonal distance.

  • Mahjong, Go, Shogi
  • Music practice (instrumental music)
  • Music practice (vocal music)
  • Shigin / folk song
  • Buyo
  • Ballroom dancing
  • Other dances (hula dance)
  • Sports dance (aerobic, jazz dance, etc.)
  • gymnastics
  • Yoga etc.
Common items
  • Please secure an appropriate distance between users.
  • Please refrain from face-to-face and short-distance conversations as much as possible.
Mahjong, Go, Shogi
  • Disinfect your fingers for each game.
  • Regularly disinfect tools (pieces, go stones, boards, mahjong tiles, sticks, etc.).
Music practice-yoga etc.
  • If you are exhaling due to exercise, keep more distance.
  • Please be careful to avoid excessive contact between users.
  • Avoid face-to-face vocalization and singing.
  1. As a measure to prevent splashes when singing, keep a distance of XNUMX m or more from humans when singing, or the organizer should install a partition such as a partition between the stage and the seat.
  2. Ventilate once every XNUMX minutes.
  3. Disinfect each time the user of the microphone, remote controller, or touch panel changes.
  4. When singing, please refrain from using one microphone at the same time as others.
  5. Visitors are requested to wear a mask.If you do not have a mask, the organizer should distribute it.
  6. Please consider such things as arranging the seats in the room side by side.Please refrain from arranging seats directly in front of you.
  7. Please decide the singing space.Please refrain from singing while moving.
  8. Please take measures to prevent a large number of people from staying in the singing space.
  9. When using with eating and drinking, together with 1-8."Handling of food and drink (including drinking) in the facility"Thank you for your efforts.
  10. Please refrain from eating, drinking and drinking in the singing space.

XNUMX.Request for use

  1. Please refrain from using if you are in poor physical condition such as fever or cough.
  2. Please keep the capacity of the room
    (In the case of loud events (rock concerts, sporting events, etc.), the maximum capacity is XNUMX%.)
  3. Please keep an appropriate distance between users.
  4. Please help us wash your hands when entering and exiting, and thoroughly implement cough etiquette.
  5. Please wear a mask.Please refrain from entering the museum if you have not worn it (please ask the staff)
  6. When eating and drinking in the hall (excluding the rooms where eating and drinking is prohibited from before), it is okay to have lunch etc. for a short time after enforcing silent eating and ensuring ventilation.
  7. Ventilate regularly while using the facility (about 10 minutes per hour)
  8. Please refrain from using it for a long time in a shared space (lobby etc.)
  9. Please take your garbage home with you
  10. If you develop a new coronavirus infection within 2 weeks after use, please report it to the manager of the facility you are using immediately.

For details, please see each document.Also, please refer to the infection spread prevention guidelines for each industry.

Requests to facility usersPDF

Request to the organizersPDF

Request to the hall organizers

List of guidelines for preventing the spread of infection by industry (Cabinet Secretariat website)other window

XNUMX.About the opening of the memorial hall

Each memorial hall will continue to open as usual.

At the time of opening, we will take necessary measures from the viewpoint of preventing the spread of new coronavirus infection, based on the related guidelines.
We apologize for any inconvenience caused and appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Target facilities

Ryuko Memorial Hall, Kumagai Tsuneko Memorial Hall, Sanno Kusado Memorial Hall

XNUMX.About the association sponsored business

In implementing the project, we have taken necessary measures from the perspective of preventing the spread of new coronavirus infection.For details, please see each performance information page.

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding and cooperation.