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Performance information

Ota Ward JHS Wind Orchestra

Event held in 4

What is the Ota Ward JHS Wind Orchestra?

Ota Ward JHS (= Junior High school Student) Wind Orchestra is an art support project for a small number of brass band clubs who have problems in securing members and professional guidance for the purpose of supporting extracurricular activities of junior high schools in Ota Ward. ..It has been implemented since 29, co-sponsored by the Ota Ward Board of Education.
Participants in the solo performance by a small band of about 20 people in the school unit and the joint performance by the students of the ward junior high school brass band are recruited, and the participating schools of the solo performance are instructed by the conductor to visit the school. Participants will carry out joint practice under the guidance of professional musicians.The results of the practice will be announced in March at the "Spring Wind Concert" with the solo performance as the first part and the joint performance as the second part at the Ota Ward Citizen's Hall and Aprico Large Hall.

Ota Ward JHS Wind Orchestra OverviewPDF

Documentary produced in 4 ~The trajectory of harmony that echoes beyond schools and communities~

The Ota Ward JHS Wind Orchestra is a program for the students of the municipal junior high school brass band club, which is active in a small group, to experience the power and excitement of performing in a large group. It is intended to be a catalyst for improvement.This video was produced in 4 as a video to introduce the whole project.Please take a look at the activities of the junior high school students who gathered beyond the boundaries of schools and communities.

A "performance video" was produced by the participating schools in the first year of Reiwa and released on the official YouTube of the association!

In the first year of Reiwa, we have been practicing jointly since September, aiming for the "Spring Wind Concert" scheduled to be held in March of XNUMXnd year of Reiwa. Did not come true.Therefore, with the aim of creating a performance experience in the corona sword and realizing "playing" safely even in the corona sword, we asked some of the schools that participated in the first year of Reiwa to participate in the brass band club. I made a performance video of the famous brass band "Treasure Island".It is distributed on our official YouTube channel.Please have a look.