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Recruitment information

Children's Film Class® Cine Club @ Ota 2024

Watch movies and play with movies!

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Approximately 100 years ago, there was a movie studio in Kamata called ``Shochiku Kamata Cinema Studio'', which gave birth to the famous film director Yasujiro Ozu.
The comedy film ``Good Morning'' produced by director Ozu is full of scenes from Ota Ward in the Showa era. After watching the movie, we will divide into groups and have a viewing workshop called ``Let's make a 'Good Morning' movie map!'' while chatting with your friends!

First half: Movie screening “Good morning” (produced in 1959, directed by Yasujiro Ozu, 93 minutes)
Second half: Workshop
*If parents and children are participating, the group at the time of the workshop will be divided into children and adults.

Schedule Sunday, July 2024, 7 21:13-00:17 (Reception starts at 00:12)
Venue Ota Civic Hall/Aprico Exhibition Room/Small Hall
Participation fee (tax included) High school students and above 1,000 yen, elementary and junior high school students 500 yen
Capacity 100 people (if the number exceeds the capacity, a lottery will be held)
Target Anyone
Application period Must arrive between 2024:5 on Monday, May 13, 10 and Friday, June 00, 6
How to apply Please apply using the application form below.
Organizer / Inquiry Ota City Cultural Promotion Association “Film Workshop” Section
TEL:03-6429-9851 (Weekdays 9:00-17:00 *Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and year-end and New Year holidays)
Planning and operation General Incorporated Association Children's Film School®
  • Maximum of 1 people per application. If you would like to apply for 4 or more people, please apply each time.
  • We will contact you from the address below.Please set the following address to be receivable on your personal computer, mobile phone, etc., enter the necessary information, and apply.

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