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Recruitment information

Information paper "ART bee HIVE" coverage request / information provision

In the Ota Ward Cultural Arts Information Paper "ART bee HIVE" published by the Ota Ward Cultural Promotion Association, the ward reporter "Mitsubachi Corps" will cover cultural and artistic activities!Please send us coverage requests or information on activities related to culture and art, such as art events, art promotion activities, and art spots.

About "ART bee HIVE"

A quarterly information paper that contains information on local culture and art.Introducing featured art events in the ward, exhibition information and facilities in private galleries, art activity information of the inhabitants of the ward, and introduction of cultural figures related to the ward.As a reading material specializing in various cultural and artistic information in the ward, it will be distributed free of charge throughout the ward by inserting newspapers.

Issuance time

  • Spring issue: April XNUMX (April-June information)
  • Summer issue: July XNUMXst (July-September information)
  • Autumn issue: October 10st (October-December information)
  • Winter issue: January XNUMXth (January-March information)

Deadline for requesting coverage and providing information

  • Spring issue: Mid-January
  • Summer issue: Mid-April
  • Autumn issue: Mid-July
  • Winter issue: Mid-October

How to submit

  1. Form below
  2. FAX (03-6429-9853)
  3. Ota Civic Hall Aprico, Ota Cultural Forest

When submitting by fax or at each window, please fill in the required items on the interview request / information provision form and submit.

Coverage request / information provision formPDF

Posting will be decided after an editorial meeting.Depending on the content and space on the page, it may not be possible to publish.
Please note.

Scope of publication

If any of the following applies, it cannot be posted.

  1. Those that may impair the public nature and dignity of the association
  2. Political, religious activities, opinions and personal publicity
  3. Anything that goes against public order and good manners and customs
  4. Businesses that are subject to the Act on Regulation of Customs Business, etc. and Optimization of Business (Act No. 23 of July 7, 10)
  5. Items that are prohibited by law or that may violate the law
  6. Others that are recognized as having a particular problem in the public interest

Inquiries / Submissions

〒143-0023 2-3-7 Sanno, Ota-ku, Tokyo Omori town development promotion facility 4th floor
Public Relations and Public Hearing Section, Culture and Arts Promotion Division, Ota Ward Cultural Promotion Association
TEL : 03-6429-9851 FAX : 03-6429-9853

Request for coverage and information provision

We will contact you from the address below.
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