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Recruitment information

Ota Ward Cultural Arts Information Paper "ART bee HIVE" Recruitment of ward reporters!

The quarterly information paper "ART bee HVIE", which was launched by the Ota Ward Cultural Promotion Association in the fall of 2019, contains information on local culture and art.
We are looking for a ward reporter "Honeybee Corps" to be active in 2023.
In addition to collecting information on culture and art in the city, you will work while learning know-how from professionals, such as editorial meetings (weekdays) several times a month, accompanying interviews, and writing manuscripts.

It is this about activity example of ward resident reporterPDF

Click here for an overview of ART bee HIVE

Application requirements ・ Persons over 18 years old * High school students are not allowed
・Those who can do activities in Ota Ward several times a month *Including Saturdays and Sundays
・ Those who can communicate by e-mail or online conference
Target ・ Those who are interested in art
・ Those who are good at writing sentences and shooting with a camera
・ Those who want to carry out activities rooted in the community
・ Those who like communication with people
*Priority will be given to those who have no experience in reporting or editing at a newspaper company, editorial company, etc.
Recruitment number Just a few
Reception period January 2023, 1 (Monday) 16:10 to February 00, 2 (Monday)
* After confirming the application details, we will inform you of the selection results by email around the middle of March.
*Orientation will be held from 4:7 (scheduled) on Friday, April 18th.Recruiters are required to attend.
How to Apply Please apply from the "application form" below.
Contact 146-0092-3 Shimomaruko, Ota-ku, Tokyo 1-3 Inside Ota Citizen's Plaza
(Public interest incorporated foundation) Ota Ward Cultural Promotion Association Cultural Arts Promotion Division
Public Relations / Public Hearing TEL: 03-3750-1611

Voice of the Mitsubachi Corps in action

Honey Bee Name: Omori Pine Apple (Joined the Honey Bee Corps in 2022)

What is the difference between posting records of art exhibitions and theater performances on SNS and enjoying them?That's what "coverage" can do!It's an experience that can't be done with hobby activities.The work of writing even a small article is hard work, but it is also fun.There is also a business card of the honeybee corps.

Application Form

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Is a required item, so please be sure to fill it out.

    Name (Kanji)
    Example: Taro Daejeon
    Full name (phonetic)
    Example: Ota Taro
    Zip code (half-width number)
    Example: 1460032
    Example: Tokyo
    Example: Ota Ward
    Town name
    Example: Shimomaruko
    address building name
    Example: 3-1-3 Plaza 101
    Please also enter the name of the condominium / apartment.
    Telephone number (Half size number)
    Example: 03-1234-5678
    Email address (half-width alphanumeric characters)
    E-mail address confirmation (half-width alphanumeric characters)
    Experience in interviewing and editing at a newspaper company, editorial company, etc.
    Occupation, Occupation
    Only those who have experience in reporting and editing at a newspaper company, editorial company, etc.
    Special skills, hobbies, relationships with the region and Ota City, etc. (approximately 200-400 characters)
    Motivation to apply
    (About 200-400 characters)
    What kind of coverage do you want to do if you become a ward reporter?
    Cultural and artistic activities that you are doing
    Performing arts appreciation, visiting art cafes, etc.
    Cultural and artistic fields of interest
    History, traditional performing arts, contemporary art, architecture, etc.
    Detailed area
    Homepage and SNS address
    Address where your activity is published (only for those who have it)
    Do you have volunteer insurance?
    Where did you find out about this recruitment?

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