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Public relations / information paper

What is the official PR character "Rizby"?

The PR character "Risby" of the quarterly information paper "ART bee HIVE", which was launched by the Ota Ward Cultural Promotion Association in the fall of 2019 and contains information on local culture and art, was born!


The official character of ART bee HIVE.
A bee that lives in a plum blossom somewhere in Ota Ward.
The charm points are a brush-like head and musical note-like feet.
By dancing and flying around, it creates a rhythmic and fun atmosphere.

I have a part-time job in the editorial department of ART bee HIVE, and I love finding things that are not yet known in Ota Ward.
Collect a lot of voices like honey with your favorite microphone.

You may suddenly come to interview us.


He is curious, familiar with painting and music, and can't stop talking about what he likes.When she is impressed, she has a straightforward personality that makes her tears, overjoys, and suddenly thinks.

thing of interest

Exciting to see pictures and listen to music.I also love to move my body, such as dancing.She also has a gluttonous side.

Special skill

I'm flying around with wings, but I'm also good at running.


The plum blossom decoration is a small pocket that can hold a microphone.

Origin of the name

With your feet like musical notes, you can dance and fly around"Liz"Bees that create a michal and fun atmosphere"Bee".

As a result of soliciting the names of the official PR characters for the information paper "ART bee HIVE", we received 147 votes from all over the country! "Rizby" will be active in the information paper-linked TV program "ART be HIVE TV" in the future.Please check it out ♪

Official Twitter is also born!

With the appearance of the official PR character, we have opened the official Twitter of the character!
From now on, we will send out various things such as the information paper "ART bee HIVE" and the interlocking TV program "ART bee HIVE TV".
Please follow us!

Account name: Lisby [Official] ART bee HIVE
Account ID: @ARTbeeHIVE

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