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Performance information

Shimomaruko JAZZ Club

~ The third Thursday of every month. Shimomaruko Citizen's Plaza's specialty project that has continued since 1993 ~

Shimomaruko JAZZ Club logo

Music critic Masahisa Segawa (97 years old) passed away on December 3, 12rd year of Reiwa.Professor Segawa supervised the "Shimomaruko JAZZ Club" that started in 29 from the first time.In the performance, the MC at the beginning introduced the performers, and in the newsletter "JAZZ CLUB NEWS" distributed with the program, he contributed to "Masahisa Segawa's Jazz Lecture", which lectures on the history and knowledge of jazz and the introduction of the performers. Thank you for telling us the fun of jazz.I pray for your soul.

What is Shimomaruko JAZZ Club?

It is a jazz performance that has been familiar to the locals for many years since the opening of Ota Citizen's Plaza.The late Tatsuya Takahashi (tenor sax / Tokyo Union 1993th leader) was the producer, Masahisa Segawa (music critic) was supervised, and Hideshin Inami was the producer. It is held on 2019 Thursday at the Ota Citizen's Plaza Small Hall.In October of the first year of Reiwa (10), 300 performances will be held, making it an exceptional longevity project for regular performances at public cultural facilities.

Venue Ota Ward Plaza Small Hall
(3-1-3 Shimomaruko, Ota-ku, Tokyo, 1st basement floor)
Holding Starts at 3:18 on the 00rd Thursday of every month
Price (tax included)

2,500 JPY
Late discount: 1,500 yen (only if there are seats left on the day) *

All seats reserved * Preschoolers cannot enter

* Late discount tickets will be sold at the front desk on the 19st basement floor from 00:1. (Cash payment only)
* Customers who have reserved / purchased advance tickets in advance are not eligible.

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[YouTube video distribution] People playing Shimomaruko JAZZ Club

Shimomaruko JAZZ Club started in 1993.A video series focusing on the people involved in this club has started.First of all, we asked the music critic Masahisa Segawa, who supervised this performance, to talk about the charm of jazz three times, along with his many years of experience.The listener is Kazunori Harada, a music critic.
* This video was taken on October 3, 10rd year of Reiwa.

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Received the "32nd Music Pen Club Music Award"!

Shimomaruko JAZZ Club won the "32nd Music Pen Club Music Award" event planning award for its contribution to music culture!The Music Pen Club Music Award is a music award announced annually by Music Pen Club Japan.

Comments on the reasons for the award

Shimomaruko Jazz Club is a regular live event full of handmade feeling that is constantly adventuring in a small public hall.It is miraculous that it has continued for 26 years with the top Japanese jazz players, supported by enthusiastic local fans.The enthusiasm of the local government, local residents, performers and producers brought together the result of 300 times.Perhaps there have been a number of difficulties so far, but the attitude of continuing to contribute to music culture is commendable.A total of about 2 players have appeared on the stage so far.From the now-registered jazz legends such as George Kawaguchi, Hidehiko Matsumoto, Koji Fujika, Norio Maeda, Yuzuru Sera, and Tatsuya Takahashi to up-and-coming players who are active on the front lines, public events like Japanese jazz directory Is. (Hiroshi Mitsuzuka)

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Shimomaruko JAZZ Club celebrates its 300th performance

Shimomaruko JAZZ Club 300th Anniversary Booklet Now on sale

Image of Shimomaruko JAZZ Club 300th Anniversary Booklet

Click here for a samplePDF

The 300th "Swinging" story of The Shimomaruko Jazz Club

Why has the event held in a small public hall continued for 26 years?This book is a condensed version of the secret story of its birth, the thoughts of the performers, and the thoughts of the customers who raised the Shimomaruko JAZZ Club.

Production cooperation
  • Customers of Shimomaruko JAZZ Club
  • Kazunori Harada (music critic)
  • Cross Co., Ltd.

500 yen (tax included)

Sales location

Ota Ward Plaza Front (3-1-3 Shimomaruko, Ota Ward, Tokyo)

The 300th performance
Kazuhiro Ebisawa KEEP GOING & Kimiko Ito TRIO: Thursday, October 10, 17st year of Reiwa

"Shimomaruko JAZZ Club" is held on the 3rd Thursday of every month in the small hall of Ota Citizen's Plaza.
Leading musicians who carry the Japanese jazz world gather and hold a hot session.

Photo 300 of Shimomaruko JAZZ Club 1th performance Photo 300 of Shimomaruko JAZZ Club 2th performance


"Kazuhiro Ebisawa KEEP GOING"

Drs Kazuhiro Ebisawa
Pf Masaki Hayashi
Bs Komobuchi Kiichirou
T.Sax Kunikazu Tanaka

"Kimiko Ito TRIO"

Vo Kimiko Ito
Pf Masaki Hayashi
Bs Komobuchi Kiichirou
Drs Kazuhiro Ebisawa


Perc Yahiro Tomohiro


Sound: Hideki Ishii, Daiki Mikami
Lighting: Kenji Kuroyama, Haruka Suzuki
Organizer: Ota Ward Cultural Promotion Association
Produced by: Big Band Service Clinic Iba Hidenobu
Supervision: Masahisa Segawa

Past Shimomaruko JAZZ Club performers (in alphabetical order, titles omitted)

Tatsuya Takahashi (Producer / Tenor Saxophone Player)

Rie Akagi, Yoshitaka Akimitsu, Toshiko Akiyoshi, Ryuta Abiru, Yasuo Arakawa, Akitoshi Igarashi, Makoto Itagaki, Hajime Ishimatsu, Masahiro Itami, Kimiko Ito, Takayo Inagaki, Shinpei Inoue, Takeshi Inomata, Shu Inami, Masaru Uchibori, Kyohei Uyama, Yusuke Enomoto, Kazuhiro Ebisawa, Eric Miyagi, Toshihiko Ogawa, Makoto Kosone, Tatsu Kase, Yuzo Kataoka, Mayuko Katakura, Harumi Kaneko, Carlos Kanno, Noriko Kishi, Yoshikazu Kishi, Eiji Kitamura, Tetsuo Koizumi, Hiroko Kokufu, Mitsukuni Kibata, Kondo Atsushi, Kazuhiko Kondo, Kosuke Sakai, Isao Sakuma, Yutaka Shiina, George Kawaguchi, Koji Shiraishi, Jim Pew, Kiyoshi Suzuki, Yuzuru Sera, Kenichi Sonoda and Dixie Kings, Eiji Taniguchi, Charito, Naoko Terai, Koji Toyama, Toyama Yoshio and Dixie Saints, Motonobu Nagao, Yoshihiro Nakagawa, Eijiro Nakagawa, Kotaro Nakagawa, Kengo Nakamura, NORA, Hitoshi Hamada, Tadayuki Harada, Nobuo Hara, Masaki Hayashi, Katsunori Fukai, Niji Fujiya, Yoshihiko Hosono, Bobby Shoe, Mark Tiller, Norio Maeda, Hidehiko Matsumoto, MALTA, Hiroshi Murata, Mari Momoi, Satoshi Morimura, Junko Moriya, Yosuke Yamashita, Izumi Yukimura, Tatsuji Yokoyama, Luis Valle, Lou Tabakin and many more.