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Public relations / information paper

What is the information paper "ART bee HIVE"?

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What is ART bee HIVE?

A quarterly information paper that contains information on local culture and art, newly created by the Ota Ward Cultural Promotion Association.Not only the event information of our association, but also the reading material specializing in cultural and artistic event performance information such as private galleries and art activities of the inhabitants of the ward is distributed free of charge throughout the ward.

What is the honeybee corps?

"ART bee HIVE" is an information paper for ward residents' participation type projects.Volunteer ward reporters "Mitsubachi Corps" will cooperate in collecting information and preparing manuscripts, such as interviews and interviews.

About Ota Ward Cultural Promotion Association Information Paper "ART bee HIVE"

This is an information paper specializing in various cultural arts, events, and performances, such as special features on local art events, introductions to private galleries, information on artistic activities, and introductions to cultural figures related to Ota Ward.
In addition to being distributed free of charge throughout Ota Ward by inserting newspapers, it is also distributed at Ota Ward Hall Aplico, Ota Ward Plaza, Ota Bunkanomori, and other buildings.

Circulation About 120,000 copies
date of issue Spring issue: April 10, Summer issue: July XNUMX, Autumn issue: October XNUMX, Winter issue: January XNUMX
Size Tabloid size (page 4) Full color

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