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Performance information

Ticket stub service Apricot Wari

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If you present your ticket at a Granduo Kamata restaurant on the day of the Aprico performance, you will receive a great deal.
Please feel free to use it before or after viewing.

  • Target period: April 2024 to March 4 *Valid only on the day of the target performance.
  • Target audience: Customers who have a ticket or ticket stub for the relevant performance (limited to the person in question, once per store)

Ticket stub service Apricot discount eligible performances

Details will be released at any time.

Dates Performance name
2024 years 4 month 18 day (Thursday)

Shimomaruko JAZZ Club Kazuhiko Kondo LEGIT

2024 / 5 / 12 (sun)

Tokyo Mixed Chorus Con Con Concert 2024

2024 years 5 month 16 day (Thursday)

Shimomaruko JAZZ Club Crystal Jazz Latino Special Guest Rie Akagi

2024 years 5 month 30 day (Thursday)
Wednesday, May 2024, 6
2024 years 6 month 15 day (Saturday)

LE VELVETS Concert Tour 2024 “Because of you”

Wednesday, May 2024, 7

Aprico Lunchtime Piano Concert 2024 VOL.74 Rino Nakamura

July 2024st (Sat) and August 8st (Sun), 31

Future for OPERA in Ota,Tokyo2024 (Aprico Opera)
Operetta "Die Fledermaus", composed by J. Strauss II, complete

2024 years 9 month 14 day (Saturday)

Picture Book de Classic "Bremen Music Festival"

Wednesday, May 2024, 9

Fresh masterpiece campaign
Bassoon and the mysterious world

Wednesday, May 2024, 10

Aprico Lunchtime Piano Concert 2024 VOL.75 Misaki Anno

2024 years 11 month 9 day (Saturday)

fresh masterpiece concert
The great composer! What is your favorite? “Mozart” vs. “Beethoven”

2024 years 11 month 28 day (Thursday) Apricot Song Night Concert 2024 VOL.5 Kurumi Kawamukai
2024 years 12 month 14 day (Saturday) Aprico Christmas Festival 2024
Ballet! Ballet!! Ballet!!! ~Land of the Nutcracker and Orchestra~
January 2025, 1 (Friday) Aprico Uta Night Concert 2024 VOL.6 Masashi Tanaka
Wednesday, May 2025, 3 Aprico Lunchtime Piano Concert 2024 VOL.76 Ayane Tsuno
January 2025, 3 (Friday) Living National Treasure and Kabuki Actor Tamasaburo Bando ~Storytelling and Dance~
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