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Download documents

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Facility relations

Usage guidancePDF* The lottery method has been changed to prevent new coronavirus infections.

[Until March 4, 3rd year of Reiwa] Facility charge price listPDF

[After April 4, 4rd year of Reiwa] Facility usage fee New price listPDF

Ancillary equipment usage fee price listPDF

Evacuation route / emergency exit / fire extinguishing equipment mapPDF

Application form

Application form for deposits such as leaflets for publicizing performancesPDF

Application form for performance calendarPDF

Performance calendar publication application form (WEB application)

Handling procedure for performance ticket sales consignmentPDF

Product sales application and approval formPDF

Shooting application (for facility users)PDF

Shooting application (for external use)PDF

Loss Report: Form XNUMX (Facility Cancellation)PDF

Loss report: Form XNUMX (facility change)PDF

Power of attorney: Form XNUMX (cancellation of facility)PDF

Power of attorney: Form XNUMX (facility change / sponsorship)PDF

Power of Attorney: Form XNUMX (Uguisu Net Registration Application)PDF

work certificatePDF

large hall

Floor plan (A3)PDF

Floor plan (A4)PDF

Sectional view (A3)PDF

Sectional view (A4)PDF

Seat map (A3)PDF

Seat map (A4)PDF

Lighting equipment listPDF

Audio equipment listPDF

Dressing room layout PDF

List of specifications such as signboards (large hall)PDF

Large hall venue management planPDF

Small hall

Plane / sectional view (A3)PDF

Plane / sectional view (A4)PDF

Lighting equipment listPDF

Audio equipment listPDF

List of specifications such as signboards (small hall / exhibition room)PDF

exhibition room

Information on the preparation roomPDF

List of specifications such as signboards (small hall / exhibition room)PDF

Ota City Residents Hall (Aprico)

144-0052-5 Kamata, Ota-ku, Tokyo 37-3

Museum Hours of Operation Open: 9:00 - 17:00
* Closed due to specific ceiling repair and other works.In addition, we accept ticket sales, warbler procedures, rental use after closing, etc.
Museum Holidays New Year's holiday (December 12-January 29)
Maintenance / Inspection / Temporary closure