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Recruitment information

[End of recruitment]2024 Talk Connected workplace

OTA Art Project Talk “Connected Workplace”

We will be holding a talk event focusing on the workplaces of contemporary artists. Three artists based in studios in Ota Ward and a person in charge of community contribution utilization projects such as vacant houses in Ota Ward took to the stage to discuss how to find a studio in the ward, studio circumstances, local connections, and future possibilities. Masu. We will also introduce the status of vacant house utilization in Ota Ward.
This event is a related project to the Instagram Live "#loveartstudioOtA" sponsored by our association, which introduces the studios of artists based in the region. With the aim of archiving artists' studio footage, we have been live-streaming from our official account for about three years, making local connections visible from friend to friend. A talk event will be held to mark the end of the series.

Past talk series

Talk event participation overview

Date and Time  March 2024, 3 (Saturday) 23:14~ (Doors open at 00:13)
Venue  Ota Civic Hall Aprico Exhibition Room
cost  Free
Performer  Yuko Okada (contemporary artist)
 Kazuhisa Matsuda (Architect)
 Kimishi Ohno (artist)
 Haruhiko Yoshida (Director in charge of housing, Ota City Building Coordination Division)
Capacity  Approximately 40 people (if the number of participants exceeds the capacity, a lottery will be held)
Target  People interested in art
 Those interested in utilizing vacant houses in Ota Ward
 Those looking for a studio within the ward
Application period  Must arrive from February 2th (Monday) 19:10 to March 00th (Wednesday) *Recruitment has ended.
 *Priority given to advance reservations, same-day participation possible
How to apply  Please apply using the application form below.
Organizer / Inquiry  (Public interest incorporated foundation) Ota Ward Cultural Promotion Association Cultural Arts Promotion Division
 TEL:03-6429-9851 (Weekdays 9:00-17:00 *Excluding Saturdays, Sundays, holidays, and year-end and New Year holidays)

Performer profile

Yuko Okada (contemporary artist)

Photo by Norizumi Kitada

Using a wide variety of expressions such as video art, photography, painting, and installation, she creates contemporary art works with themes of modern society and the future based on her own experiences such as love, marriage, childbirth, and child rearing. In recent years, he has continued to take on new challenges, such as publishing his books and presenting performance works.

The main works include "Engaged Body" which tells a story about the future of regenerative medicine, "My Baby" which is about male pregnancy, and "W HIROKO PROJECT" which is a collaboration with creators in the fashion industry and creates social distancing fashion. ``Di_STANCE'', which expresses ``No One Comes'', is an experiential work in which the audience explores the venue while listening to the voices of fictional artists in their lives during the pandemic.

Although these techniques vary, each piece uses social background as a hint to intersect reality and unreality from a futuristic perspective, while sending a message to modern society.

In addition to individual activities, he also engages in many art projects. One of the characteristics of Okada's work is his artistic activities, in which he pursues new expressions while sometimes collaborating with people from various occupations and positions, sharing mutual stimulation. He presides over the alternative puppet theater troupe ``Gekidan☆Shitai''. His family's art unit <Aida family>. W HIROKO PROJECT is an attempt at art x fashion x medical in the corona society.

Main exhibitions

2023 “Celebrate for ME - The first step” (Tokyo), a multi-purpose art experiment involving media art

2022 “European Capital of Culture Project 2022 Japan Exhibition” (Borvotina Museum, Serbia), “Here I Am - Yuko Okada x AIR475” (Yonago City Museum of Art, Tottori)

2019 Ars Electronica Center 11-year permanent exhibition (Linz, Austria), “XNUMXth Yebisu Film Festival” (Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography, Tokyo)

2017 “LESSON0” (National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea, Seoul)

2007 “Global Feminisms” (Brooklyn Museum, New York)


2019 “DOUBLE FUTURE─ Engaged Body/The Child I Born” Works Collection (Kyuryudo)

2015 “Gendaichi Kosuke’s Case Files” published as a puppet theater book (co-authored) (ART DIVER)

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Kazuhisa Matsuda (Architect)

Born in Hokkaido. Completed the Graduate School of Architecture at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2009. She became independent in 2015 after working at design firms both domestically and internationally. She heads the UKAW First Class Architect Office. She is a teaching and research assistant at Tokyo University of the Arts, a part-time lecturer at Tokyo Denki University, and a part-time lecturer at Kogakuin College. From 2019 to 2023, he will jointly launch KOCA, an incubation facility in Umeyashiki, Ota Ward, and will be involved in facility management and event planning. The main projects are Ota Art Archives 1-3, STOPOVER, and FACTORIALIZE, which are held in collaboration with contemporary artists, small factories, and art facilities in and outside of Ota City, and are continuously engaged in co-creation projects. He engages in a variety of activities that are not confined to existing fields, in order to design not only architecture and products, but also the surrounding environment and culture. A new facility is scheduled to open in Ota Ward in April 2024.

Main architectural works etc.

2023 I Gallery (Tokyo)

2021 Air Pavilion

2019-2023 KOCA Design and Supervision and Keikyu Umeyashiki Omori-cho Underpass Development Master Plan (Tokyo)

2019 FrancFrancForest Head Office Annex Office/Photography Studio (Tokyo)

2015 MonoRoundTable (Beijing)

2014 MonoValleyUtopia・ChiKwanChapel (Taipei)

Other works include housing, furniture, and product design.

Main awards etc.

2008 Central Glass International Design Competition Excellence Award

2019 Local Republic Award Excellence Award, Ota City Landscape Award, etc.

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Kimishi Ohno (artist)

Ohno was born in the downtown area of ​​Tokyo. In 1996, he completed his major in sculpture at Tama Art University. Until 2018, he was a research student at Juntendo University's First Department of Anatomy. In 2017, he stayed in the Netherlands with a grant from the Agency for Cultural Affairs and worked in Amsterdam until 2020. From 2020, he is based in Tokyo and has an atelier in ART FACTORY Jonanjima and the suburbs of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Currently based in Japan and the Netherlands. The important concepts regarding expression are ``considerations about existence'' and ``views of life and death.'' He continues to research not only quantum theory and the theory of relativity, but also considerations about "existence" that are explored in various parts of the world, such as ancient Oriental, Egyptian, and Greek philosophy. Analyzing how these concepts are related to the world, integrating thought experiments and site-specific culture and history, and feeding back into the expression of the work.

Main exhibitions

2022-23 identification (Iwasaki Museum, Yokohama)

2023 Saitama International Art Festival 2023 Citizen Project ArtChari (Saitama City, Saitama)

2022 Gauzenmaand 2022 (Vlaardingen Museum, Delft, Rotterdam, Schiedam Netherlands)

2021 Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum Selection Exhibition 2021 (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Tokyo)

2020 Geuzenmaand 2020 (Vlaardingen Museum, Netherlands)

2020 Surugano Art Festival Fujinoyama Biennale 2020 (Fujinomiya City, Shizuoka)

2019 Venice Biennale 2019 European Cultural Center Planning PERSONAL STRUCTURES (Venice Italy)

2019 Rokko Meet Art Art Walk 2019, Audience Grand Prize (Kobe City, Hyogo Prefecture)

2018 Fellow ship of Man (Tehcnohoros art Gallery, Athens Greece)

2015 Yansan Biennale Yogyakarta XIII (Yogyakarta Indonesia)

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Haruhiko Yoshida (Director in charge of housing, Ota City Building Coordination Division)