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About the association

Request for donation

-Support from everyone will support the cultural arts of Ota Ward and lead to the creation of an attractive cultural town-

The Ota Ward Cultural Promotion Association is engaged in various projects to contribute to the revitalization of Ota Ward and the creation of an attractive cultural town through cultural arts.
We will make use of the donations we receive so that more people can create opportunities to come into contact with culture and art.
Therefore, we ask for your support and support for the purpose of our activities.

Toshiaki Uejo, President, Ota Ward Cultural Promotion Association

Donation method

First of all, please contact us.We will inform you about the procedure.

Businesses currently seeking support

Currently, we are looking for support in the following projects.

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About tax incentives for donations

Donations to our association are eligible for tax incentives.A final tax return is required to receive preferential treatment.In addition, when filing a final tax return, a "Certificate of Receipt of Donations" issued by the Association is required.

For individuals

  • You can choose to receive a donation deduction as an income deduction or a special donation deduction as a tax credit, whichever is more advantageous.For details, please refer to the NTA website.
  • You may be eligible for personal residence tax and inheritance tax deductions.Personal residence tax is handled differently depending on the ward, city, town, and village, so please check with your ward, city, town, or village for details.

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For corporations

  • You can deduct the deduction separately from the general donation.For details, please refer to the NTA website.

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contact information

Public Interest Incorporated Foundation Ota Ward Cultural Promotion Association Administration Division TEL: 03-3750-1611