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Performance information

Association-sponsored performance

Otawa Festival 2022 Special Project Kabuki for the first time

Easy to understand Kabuki from children to adults!
We will carefully explain the experience and demonstration using a projector.
It is a content that allows you to experience the world of Kabuki from various angles, such as going around (sword fighting), makeup, music, and performing Kabuki performances.

* One seat will be sold in the normal seating arrangement without leaving one seat in the front, back, left and right.
* If there is a change in the event holding requirements at the request of Tokyo and Ota Ward, we will change the start time, suspend sales, set the upper limit of the number of visitors, etc.
* Please check the latest information on this page before visiting.

Efforts regarding new coronavirus infection (please check before visiting)

2022 years 3 month 19 day (Saturday)

Schedule 13: 30-15: 20 (opens at 12:45)
Venue Ota Ward Plaza Large Hall
Genre Performance (Other)
Performance / song

Kabuki's sword fight experience
Makeup demonstration of "Kumadori"!
Kabuki Music Workshop
"Gojobashi" performance
Performance of "Sanjin Yoshisan Tomoe Hakunami-Okawabata Koshinzuka no Ba"



Shijuro Tachibana
Sennosuke Wakatsuki
Kotoomi Hanayagi
Kosuke Yamatani
Momonoki Fujima


Nagauta Tone Sakata Maikosha
Hayashi Mochizuki Takinosuke

Ticket information

Ticket information

Release date: April 2022, 1 (Wednesday) 12: 10-

Buy online ticketsother window

Price (tax included)

All seats specified
General 2,500 yen
Junior high school students and younger 1,000 yen

※ preschooler admission not


Those who wish to participate in the experience and demonstration planning will be accepted at the venue on the day of the event.

Performers / work details

Performance 1:Three people Yoshisan Tomoe HakunamiSanninki Chisa Tomoe no Shiranami~Okawabata Koshinzuka placeOkawabata Koshinzukaba

We will be performing "Sanjin Yoshisanba Shironami", which is famous for the name "Moon is also a white fish ...".It is a famous scene where three bandits with the same name of Yoshisaburo meet and make a contract with their brother-in-law.The highlights are the seventy-five-tone lines and the strolling along the way.

Performance 2: Gojobashi

Set in Gojobashi, Kyoto, a strong lawyer with a naginata, Musashibo Benkei, is defeated by a light boy, Ushiwakamaru (later Minamoto no Yoshitsune), and is a lifelong servant. A famous scene of making a promise to become a performer.This is a summary of what we learned from this demonstration and experience, such as going around, making up kumadori, and playing Nagauta and Hayashi.

Experience: Kabuki's sword fight (sword fight)

In addition to demonstrating the names of Kabuki-specific types such as "Yamagata," "Dhenki," and "Kasumi," with explanations by the instructor, we will also give a demonstration to the participants along with the characteristic song "Dontappo." Will also challenge you on the stage.

Demonstration: Makeup demonstration of "Kumadori"!

"Kumadori" is a characteristic of Kabuki makeup.We will give one participant the makeup method while explaining it in an easy-to-understand manner.The audience will be able to see the makeup on the projector and watch it live.

Workshop: Kabuki music

We will hold a workshop on music that colors Kabuki, such as introducing and demonstrating musical instruments by shamisen, singing, and musical accompaniment who are playing behind the scenes.



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