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Performance information

NBA Ballet Performance “Grace & Speed ​​2024”

Five performances full of elegance and speed that are typical of the NBA Ballet Company will be released all at once!
This time we welcome Yamakai-san and Nerea-san as our guests.

[Symphonic dance]
Symphonic Dances has been turned into a ballet by various choreographers, including NYCB (Peter Martins) and North Carolina Ballet (Alvatore Aiello). In 2023, the 150th anniversary of Rachmaninoff's birth, "Symphonic Dances" will be brought to life once again by NBA Ballet!

"Schritte" means "to walk" in German, and this work has the theme of "walking through life." We hope that each dancer's ``life's journey'' will be reflected in the dance, and that they will be able to feel with their souls the words that cannot be heard because they are non-verbal. Connect with your soul and speak with your body. I also created it with the hope that the audience would also notice the "cries of their souls" as they watch the show.

In addition, enjoy the pas de deux from ``Diana and Action'' and ``Romeo and Juliet,'' and the gorgeous stage performance from Act 3 of ``Raymonda''!

About measures against infectious diseases (Please check before visiting)

January 2024, 4 (Friday)

Schedule 18:00 start (doors open 17:30)
Venue Ota Ward Hall / Aplico Large Hall
Genre Performance (classical)
Performance / song

[Symphonic Dancers for 8 couples -]
Choreography: Kenji Anzai
Music: Sergei Rachmaninov “Symphonic Dances” 3rd movement

[Diana and Action]
Original choreography: Marius Petipa, re-choreography: Agrippina Vaganova
Music: Cesare Puni

Choreography: Masami Iwata
Music: Scuba "Minerals", Balanesque Quartet "Pocket Calculator", Wolfgang A. Mozart "Cassation in G major K63 2nd movement Allegro", Kerenz Pecock "Dancing Folk: I.First Movement", "Frontiers: II.Second Movement" ', 'Dancing Folk: II.First Movement'

Pas de deux from [Romeo and Juliet]
Choreography: Leonid Lavrovsky
Re-choreography: Kaito Yamamoto, Nerea Barondo
Composer: Sergei Prokofiev

Act 3 from [Raymonda]
Choreography: Marius Petipa
Composer: Alexander Glazunov


[Symphonic Dances for 8 couples-]
Yoshiho Yamada, Saaya Oshima, Erina Suzuki, Makiko Suya, Maho Fukuda, Yuki Beppu, Kana Watanabe, Yasumasa Omori, Yuta Arai,
Seiya Gyobu, Motoki Mifune, Hiroshi Kitazume, Ryuhei Ito, Kazuma Uchimura, Nerea Barondo, Kaito Yamamoto

[Diana and Action]
Ayano Teshigahara, Koya Yanagijima

Saaya Oshima, Erina Suzuki, Haruna Ichihara, Michika Yonezu, Moe Izumi, Anju Kariya, Maiko So, Mako Yamada, Chihiro Shono,
Yuta Arai, Ryuhei Ito, Kazuma Uchimura, Haruka Tada, Haruaki Kobayashi, Fumiya Sato

【Romeo and Juliet】
Nerea Barrondo Aguado, Kaito Yamamoto

Act 3 from [Raymonda]

Ticket information

Ticket information

January 2023, 12 (Friday)

Price (tax included)

S seat 9,900 yen A seat 7,700 yen Student seat 3,300 yen (under 25 years old)

Ticket reservation (


*Please refrain from allowing children under 3 years old to enter.



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