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AssociationSanno Sodo Memorial Museum

Participants of the 5st Memorial Museum lecture in 1, “Meiji Era as told by Kaishu Katsu and Soho Tokutomi”

 Recruiting participants for the 5st Memorial Hall course in 1

Kaishu played an active role as a central figure in the Meiji Restoration, and lived there for about 40 years from his late 30s.

Soho compiled ``Early Modern Japanese National History'' based on the Meiji period, which he lived until he was 50 years old.I would like to introduce the "Meiji" that the two talked about.


Kaishu around 50 years old (Ota City Katsu Kaishu Memorial Museum collection) Soho around 50 years old  


Saturday, December 5, 12 9:XNUMX-XNUMX:XNUMX

Venue Daejeon Bunkanomori Multipurpose Room


Curator of Sanno Sosudo Memorial Hall, Ota Ward

Entry fee

Capacity XNUMX people (lottery if the capacity is exceeded)
Application deadline Must arrive on Tuesday, August 5, 11rd year of Reiwa
How to apply

Please apply by return postcard or fax. Up to 1 people per letter.

Please fill in the postal code, name (furigana), age, and phone number and send it to the address below.

* Please enter the address and name of the representative on the reply postcard.

* If you apply by fax, please be sure to enter the fax number for reply.

Application destination


Address: 143-0024-4 Chuo, Ota-ku, 2-1 Ota Ward Ryuko Memorial Hall “1st Memorial Hall Lecture” Section

TEL/FAX 03-3772-0680



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