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AssociationResidents Plaza

Regarding the resumption of use of the Ota Ward Plaza Gymnasium due to the end of the vaccination business

The Ota Ward Plaza Gymnasium is no longer used as the planned venue for the new coronavirus vaccination and election.
Therefore, we will resume the use as follows.

Gym room

From 3:10 am on October 29th (Friday), 8rd year of Reiwa, we will make a vacant reservation on the following dates and times on the Uguisu Net (Internet / voice answering phone).The payment deadline will be the date and time displayed on the facility reservation system of Uguisu Net.

Target date and time for reservation of vacant gym room

All day of November 3th (Sat), 11th (Sat), and 13th (Sat) of Reiwa 20
All day from January 4th (Tuesday) to 1st (Monday), 4th year of Reiwa

* Reiwa is not eligible for vacant reservations on January 4, 1th (Thursday), which is closed for cleaning and every Friday.
* Available reservations every Monday and Wednesday are available only in the afternoon and at night.

For table tennis and auto tennis, you can use it every Monday, Wednesday (morning) and every Friday (all day) after October 3, 10rd year of Reiwa.

Precautions for use

Please check the following for the usage time of the facility to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

About use of facility

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